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House Republicans Fold

House Republicans Fold

June 23, 2023 0

House Republicans Fold by Oregon Firearms Federation After lengthy delays due to technical issues that shut down state websites, the House Republicans folded up and provided the quorum the Democrats needed to pass House Bills 2002 [Read More]


Courage Demonstrated In Oregon

May 19, 2023 0

Courage Demonstrated In Oregon by Oregon Firearms Federation Pushed by Democratic allies in public sector unions, Measure 113 was supposed to curtail walkouts Republicans have used increasingly to stymie bills. But as of now the [Read More]

Chess And The Long Game

Chess And The Long Game

May 4, 2023 2

Editors Note: Oregon Senators staged a walkout of the state Capitol on Wednesday over 2 highly contentious bills. HB 2002 allows minors to get an abortion without notifying parents. HB 2005, among many other details, [Read More]

Oregon Republicans Deny Democrats a Quorum

Oregon Republicans Deny Democrats a Quorum

May 11, 2019 0

Senate Republicans Stand for Education, Continue to Deny Democrats a Quorum Funds in House Bill 3427 Not Dedicated to Education *Editor’s Note: The Senate Republicans have continued their shutdown and failed to provide a quorum [Read More]