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Rino Simpson Should Put Idaho First and Do No Harm
Big Government

Mike Simpson – RINO

October 21, 2023 4

Mike Simpson – RINO An “R” After Your Name Means Nothing By Bob Shillingstad Congressman Simpson has been in Congress from Idaho for the past 24 years and that “magic R” after his name has [Read More]

No Picture

Practical Solutions For Salmon Passage

July 20, 2021 0

Practical Solutions For Salmon Passage We Must Use Practical Rationality To Resolve Salmon Passage Up And Downstream What We Cannot Control Recognizing Natural Conditions by Ronald M. Harriman First condition: The controlling natural factors that [Read More]

confidence Farm Bureau Strongly Opposes Dam Removal Plan

Dam Removal Plan Would Devastate Agriculture

February 11, 2021 1

Dam Removal Plan Would Devastate Agriculture POCATELLO – Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, the state’s largest farm organization, is strongly opposed to a proposal that would result in the removal of four lower Snake River dams [Read More]


Salmon Recovery by Ronald M. Harriman

October 3, 2020 1

Salmon Recovery Why Removing the Dams Should be Prevented by Ronald M. Harriman It’s time to drop the myths, pseudo-scientific suppositions, and incomplete studies that have prevented effectively solving Salmon passage from the ocean to [Read More]