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Agenda 21/2030

The Coup We Never Knew

January 13, 2023 5

The Coup We Never Knew We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we never knew. By Victor Davis Hanson Did someone or [Read More]


65 Years Ago, Reflections of a Baby Boomer

December 19, 2022 1

65 Years Ago, Reflections of a Baby Boomer Jane and I grew up together in Montana and married just out of high school. We have four married children, 24 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. What [Read More]


Control, Corrupt, Destroy

July 25, 2022 0

Control, Corrupt, Destroy By Pete Ketcham What they control they corrupt, what they don’t control they destroy. This is the method of operation (MO) by the people who have taken control of the Democrat party. [Read More]

God is Clearly Winning!

God is Clearly Winning!

July 1, 2022 2

God is Clearly Winning! by Shari Dovale The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has been hitting their opinions out of the park, and the world is spinning. Progressive Extremists continue to lose their [Read More]


June Is Life Month! Thanks To June 24th!

June 29, 2022 0

June Is Life Month! Celebrate June 24th and Life Month By Bob Shillingstad A dozen years ago if you would have made the prediction that Donald Trump would be President in 2016, appoint three Supreme [Read More]

SCOTUS Giveth Congress Taketh Away

SCOTUS Giveth and Congress Taketh Away

June 27, 2022 1

SCOTUS Giveth Congress Taketh Away by Oregon Firearms Federation Gun owners had a few brief hours of elation after the release of the Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs [Read More]


Is There A Political Solution?

June 27, 2022 2

Is There A Political Solution? by Pete Ketcham Throughout our history there have been numerous incidences of political differences of opinion concerning major national issues, yet a peaceful resolution between the political parties was eventually [Read More]

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