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Liberty or Death Rally- Spokane

August 18, 2018 1

We the people have had enough. Our rights have been trampled for over 220 years. Washington state no longer listens to the people. We are the people! We are no longer the “silent majority”, we […]

Changing the US Constitution?

Changing the US Constitution? Not On My Watch!

January 16, 2018 31

Changing the US Constitution? Not On My Watch! By Shari Dovale The US Constitution is a masterful work. The founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote this document. And, It IS […]

No Picture
Bonner County

A Constitution Day to be Proud of in North Idaho

September 19, 2016 0

A Constitution Day to be Proud of in North Idaho By Donna Capurso September 17th, 2016, Constitution Day, was celebrated at the Bonner County Fairgrounds and even though there was heavy rain starting early, it […]


Walk Around Jericho – Rally For Bundys

September 13, 2016 8

Walk Around Jericho – Rally For Bundys By Shari Dovale A nice show of supporters are making themselves visible in Downtown Portland this week. Headed up by John Lamb, the rally attendees are shouting words […]


July 20, 2016 1

Montana Disabled Veteran Convicted Over Stock Pond Stand With Joe! ☆STAND BY ME☆UNITED WE STAND WITH JOE☆ ☆☆BRING JUSTICE BACK TO OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM☆☆ Mr. Robertson has his sentencing hearing July 20th, 2016 at 10am […]

Spokane Act for America Meeting

June 23, 2016 0

Spokane Act for America Meeting ACT for America: the nation’s largest non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots national security organization focused on educating, engaging, and mobilizing citizens and elected officials to impact legislative outcomes to protect America. We […]

Idaho Carry – Twin Falls

June 1, 2016 0

Idaho Carry – Twin Falls Twin Falls Idaho chapter of Idaho Carry to hold its inaugural meeting. Regular monthly dinner meetings will follow. Virtually every American will agree that personal liberty and individual rights are […]

Lost in 50
Bonner County

Lost in the 50’s! 31st Anniversary!

May 19, 2016 0

Lost in the 50’s! From the Facebook Page Lost in the 50’s  Call 208-265-5678 (LOST) or 208-263-9321   OMG…..It has been a long winter and no one has heard anything for months from us….Many Apologies […]

Planned Parenthood Protest #3

April 23, 2016 0

Planned Parenthood Protest #3 Planned Parenthood is still entrenched in many states, Washington included. Therefore, please join us, along with protesters in over 150 cities NATIONWIDE, on April 23, from 9am to 11am. There are […]

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