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Middle East

The Middle East Dilemma

November 28, 2023 1

The Middle East Dilemma By Pete Ketcham As we watch the multiple scenarios play out in Palestine, Israel, and the Middle-East, there are many interpretations of what is actually happening. The following are some of [Read More]


Hate Is Beyond Persuasion

November 19, 2023 0

Beyond Persuasion (Driven By Hate) By Pete Ketcham In years past (up until the 1960’s) the nation’s people with differing political viewpoints could be persuaded to change their minds and attitudes when presented with correct, [Read More]

Bob Shillingstad

Understanding The Conflict

October 14, 2023 0

Understanding The Conflict We are hearing a revised history not based on fact. By Bob Shillingstad Anti-Semitic sentiment has infiltrated many American churches, both Mainline Protestant and Catholic, with leakage starting to seep into Evangelical [Read More]

A Wave of Anti-Semitism

A Wave of Anti-Semitism

May 22, 2021 0

A Wave of Anti-Semitism By Mike Huckabee I have always believed that words have consequences, so you should choose them carefully. Many on the left take that to an extreme and claim that words are [Read More]