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Let’s Have Some Fun With Money

November 28, 2020 0

Let’s Have Some Fun With Money Editorial by Boyd Evan White This is going to be an extreme stretch of the imagination; however, stick all the way to the end because there is an important [Read More]

Miscellaneous History of Money
Federal Reserve

Miscellaneous History of Money

November 15, 2020 2

Miscellaneous History of Money by Boyd Evan White It is common to hear people refer to Federal Reserve Notes, Greenbacks, and paper money as, “That darned worthless stuff.” That is all well and good; however, [Read More]


Pelosi on Omnibus: They Gave Away The Store

January 13, 2016 1

Omnibus Budget Deal Passes House and Senate Easily The Senate voted 65-33 to pass the massive Omnibus Budget deal Friday morning. Twenty six Republicans, including GOP presidential hopefuls Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz [Read More]