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Did Navarro Cause the Jury to Nullify?

September 12, 2017 7

Did Navarro Cause the Jury to Nullify? by Shari Dovale The recent case of the Bunkerville Retrial ended with 34 of 40 charges to be found ‘Not Guilty’ and the remaining charges to be 11-1 [Read More]


Judge Bans Defense Arguments in Bundy Retrial

July 15, 2017 4

Judge bans defense arguments in Bundy retrial Editorial by Las Vegas Review-Journal July 13, 2017 Government prosecutors have a friend in U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro. The judge is presiding over the retrial of four [Read More]


Dan Love Testimony Blocked By Judge Navarro

April 23, 2017 5

DAN LOVE AND OTHER DEFENSE WITNESS  TESTIMONY BLOCKED BY JUDGE NAVARRO by Loren Edward Pearce As follow-up to Shari Dovale’s article, “BLM Agent Daniel P. Love Named In Investigation”, it was noted that Agent Love [Read More]


Navarro: Jury Cannot Use Constitution

April 5, 2017 12

Navarro: Jury Cannot Use Constitution By Loren Edward Pearce IMAGINE A BASKETBALL REFEREE ASKING FOR GUIDANCE FROM THE COACH OF HER FAVORITE TEAM DURING A CONTEST Court watch, Tuesday, April 4 That is what we [Read More]


Judge Openly LAUGHS At Defendants Rights

April 3, 2017 37

Judge Openly LAUGHS At Defendants Rights By Shari Dovale Judge Gloria Navarro made a mockery of the judicial system today. The first Bunkerville trial is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The prosecution has had over [Read More]



August 12, 2016 2

MICHELE FIORE WITH IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON JURY NULLIFICATION Hello, I’m Assemblywoman Michele Fiore. Thank you for tuning in to this very important information on Jury Nullification. The information I’m about to share with you is for you [Read More]

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