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Democrats PROVE Their Corruption!

Democrats PROVE Their Corruption!

May 8, 2020 0

Democrats PROVE Their Corruption! by Shari Dovale The truth began to come out when it was proven that General Michael Flynn was set up by Obama Administration officials. The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that [Read More]

ernie Chronicles

ernie Chronicles: Juxtaposing Jurisdictions

April 28, 2018 1

The ernie Chronicles: Juxtaposing Jurisdictions *Foreword for this third installment in The “ernie” Chronicles: Please note that this author and this website do not furnish “legal counsel” or provide “legal advice”.  Neither I nor the [Read More]


It Is Nevada DOT Land, Not Federal Land

April 15, 2017 3

“YOU DON’T HAVE JURISDICTION, THE GROUND UNDER THE BRIDGE IS NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION LAND, NOT FEDERAL LAND” By Loren Edward Pearce During the trial in Las Vegas, Nevada, the prosecutors played a video which [Read More]