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What Comes Next?

July 3, 2024 0

What Comes Next? By Pete Ketcham The debate disaster of Biden has the Democrats reevaluating their strategy of defeating Trump for president. Many democrats now want to dump Biden and move forward with a younger [Read More]

sentence What’s Behind the Arrest of Donald Trump?

Trump Sentence By Pete Ketcham

June 24, 2024 0

Trump Sentence By Pete Ketcham There has been a tremendous amount of speculation about the the type of sentence that the corrupt Democrat Judge Juan Merchan may impose on Trump on the July 11 sentencing [Read More]


Masters Of Deception

June 15, 2024 0

Masters Of Deception By Pete Ketcham As we all have observed, the lies, the deception, and subterfuge increases on a daily basis by the corrupt Democrat party prominent politicians. They have become very skillful and [Read More]


It’s Not Over Yet

June 6, 2024 0

It’s Not Over Yet By Pete Ketcham As we all know this recent illegal unconstitutional “Hush Money” trial of Trump was primarily designed and executed by the Democrats for the purpose of keeping him from [Read More]