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Agenda 21/2030

A Civil Society

March 16, 2024 0

A Civil Society By Karen Schumacher What comes to mind when thinking about a civil society?  Perhaps where people interact in a civil manner, or the community at large participates with civility, airing differences without [Read More]

Karen Schumacher

Article V Convention – Yes or No

February 18, 2024 2

Article V Convention – Yes or No By Karen Schumacher Sometimes people get caught up in a craze and follow what is presented without giving much thought to the depth of what they are supporting, [Read More]


What The Democrat Party Has Evolved Into

February 18, 2024 0

What The Democrat Party Has Evolved Into By Pete Ketcham Introduction The following comments concerning the Democrat Party are not to disparage any individual within the party that may be honest and ethical, but are [Read More]


God-Fearing Vs Godless

August 22, 2022 2

God-Fearing Vs Godless By Pete Ketcham Introduction Our present national crisis is composed of various issues that are in the process of destroying this nation, all of which have a common basis of origin. That [Read More]

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