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Hate Is Beyond Persuasion

November 19, 2023 0

Beyond Persuasion (Driven By Hate) By Pete Ketcham In years past (up until the 1960’s) the nation’s people with differing political viewpoints could be persuaded to change their minds and attitudes when presented with correct, [Read More]


Moving Toward “The Point Of No Return”

November 15, 2023 4

Moving Toward “The Point Of No Return” By Pete Ketcham Introduction It would be a nice change to write about major victories in bringing our nation back to it’s Constitutional Christian roots, but reality prevails, [Read More]


Is There Anything Positive?

August 13, 2023 0

Is There Anything Positive? By Pete Ketcham Could there possibly be anything positive coming out of the complete division between the godless Democrats and the God-fearing Republicans? That would seem to be a question that [Read More]


Fatal Issues Impacting The Nation

May 21, 2023 1

Fatal Issues Impacting The Nation (With More Coming) By Pete Ketcham Introduction It is hard to believe how many major issues that are simultaneously attacking and destroying the traditional Christian beliefs and customs that has [Read More]


Eight Issues From Hell (With more coming)

October 27, 2022 1

Eight Issues From Hell (With more coming) By Pete Ketcham There is a combination of eight issues supported, promoted, and financed by the Democrat party that have the potential to destroy this constitutional nation, and [Read More]

Unintended Consequences

Manifesting the Unintended Consequences

February 10, 2020 4

Unintended Consequences by Pete Ketcham As it is with individual lives, so it is with a nation’s life. Decisions and actions have long term significant consequences. In the instance of individuals, their decisions will put [Read More]

California Needs Federal Babysitters

California Needs Federal Babysitters

September 19, 2019 14

California Needs Federal Babysitters by Shari Dovale California has serious problems, yet instead of dealing with these issues, they spend their time on political correctness. Their cities are turning into cesspools, as is evidenced by [Read More]

Homelessness - An Emerging Culture

Homelessness – An Emerging Culture

September 8, 2019 7

Homelessness – An Emerging Culture By Pete Ketcham It is becoming evident that the homeless crisis in large cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland is rapidly getting worse, and [Read More]