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Mandatory Vaccinations Ends Medical Freedom

November 5, 2016 1

The Rise of Mandatory Vaccinations Means the End of Medical Freedom Mandatory vaccinations are about to open up a new frontier for government control. Through the war on drugs, bureaucrats arbitrarily dictate what people can […]


Why I Will Vote For Donald Trump

August 1, 2016 0

Why I Will Vote For Donald Trump by Gregory Noble Among family and friends I had, in the recent past at the close of the Republican primaries, stated that I would write in a candidate […]


Bundy Judge Composting the Constitution

July 19, 2016 10

Bundy Judge Composting the Constitution By Shari Dovale The pretrial release hearing for Ammon and Ryan Bundy was held Monday, July 18th in Portland. U.S. District Judge Robert E. Jones ruled Tuesday that they must […]


It’s the Supreme Court!

July 18, 2016 1

It’s the Supreme Court! by Lynda Friesen Raise your hand if you recall the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid!” This pithy, oft-repeated slogan was created by a Bill Clinton campaign strategist. It reflected what was […]

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