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REALITY CHECK (We are not winning)

December 22, 2021 3

REALITY CHECK (We are not winning) by Pete Ketcham The discouraging reality today, is that despite how hard the conservative Christians are fighting to save the nation, the fight is being lost. This loss began […]

Ruled By Corruption & Idiocies

Ruled By Corruption & Idiocies

December 5, 2021 0

Ruled By Corruption & Idiocies by Pete Ketcham Based on what we are experiencing in our nation today, it has become clearly evident that the Democrat party is controlled by corrupt individuals that have abandoned […]


What Has Happened To the Democrats?

December 2, 2021 0

What Has Happened To the Democrats? By Jim Hollingsworth When I worked at the Bunker Hill Mine in Kellogg, Idaho, most of my associates were Democrats – good Americans. They were family men, hard-working, clean […]


Nazification Of The Democrat Party

December 2, 2021 1

Nazification Of The Democrat Party by Pete Ketcham The word “Nazi” has been thrown around between both political parties on numerous occasions to demonize an individual, or a policy, but it is now evident that […]

Civil War

A Second Civil War Is Here

November 21, 2021 10

A Second Civil War Is Here by Pete Ketcham It is now evident that our nation is totally divided, (whether it is realized or not) and is in a cultural and political civil war, with […]

Changing Tactics

Changing Tactics

October 11, 2021 3

Changing Tactics by Pete Ketcham In my previous article I had expressed the need for a nationwide conservative coalition, but did not go into details of how this coalition could be formed, nor describe specific […]

Parents Should Control Education

Parents Should Control Education

October 4, 2021 0

Parents Should Control Education by Ron Paul During last week’s Virginia gubernatorial debate, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe promised that as governor he would prevent parents from removing sexually explicit books from school libraries, because he […]


Biden State Dept. Refuses Americans at Kabul Airport

August 30, 2021 3

Biden State Dept. Refuses Americans at Kabul Airport By Mike Huckabee Of all the disturbing and heartbreaking stories coming out of Afghanistan this weekend, this might be the most infuriating of all. Two highly trusted […]

Letters to the Editor


July 29, 2021 0

RECALL BILL BROOKS Can You Help? July 28, 2021 Help is needed for petitions to recall Bill Brooks as County Commissioner. Personally I feel that if he thought the job was more than he wanted […]

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