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Letters to the Editor

To Sandpoint City Council

May 3, 2023 1

To Sandpoint City Council Persons, Responding to Shelby’s latest, and many previous attacks, many people are angry. To be clear from the start, Karen and I see that anger is expensive and rarely buys us [Read More]

This Is Not A Gun Bill

“This Is Not A Gun Bill”

February 7, 2023 0

“This Is Not A Gun Bill” by Oregon Firearms Federation Last Sunday we warned you about HB 2572 and the Dash 1 Amendment that “gut and stuffed” it. In its original form the bill was dangerously [Read More]


Change Of Strategy And Tactics

January 25, 2023 0

Change Of Strategy And Tactics By Pete Ketcham Introduction Much has been written and talked about by the conservative community concerning the individuals, the events, and the agendas that are destroying this constitutional republic, but [Read More]

Civil War

A Second Civil War Is Here

November 21, 2021 10

A Second Civil War Is Here by Pete Ketcham It is now evident that our nation is totally divided, (whether it is realized or not) and is in a cultural and political civil war, with [Read More]


Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty!

November 19, 2021 0

Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty!   Thank the Good LORD! Failed President and accuser Joe Biden, Antifa, BLM (who call for the death of police officers), the modern-day far left mainstream media – the “enemy of [Read More]

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