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Civil War

A Second Civil War Is Here

November 21, 2021 10

A Second Civil War Is Here by Pete Ketcham It is now evident that our nation is totally divided, (whether it is realized or not) and is in a cultural and political civil war, with […]


Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty!

November 19, 2021 0

Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty!   Thank the Good LORD! Failed President and accuser Joe Biden, Antifa, BLM (who call for the death of police officers), the modern-day far left mainstream media – the “enemy of […]

Video Articles

Spokane’s Medical Freedom Rally

October 18, 2021 0

Spokane’s Medical Freedom Rally Slide Show Keynote Speaker Paul E. Vallely, Major General, US Army (ret) Music and the speakers. A short appearance by Antifa The views, opinions, or positions expressed by the authors and […]


Not Socialism, But Chaos

September 7, 2021 1

Not Socialism, But Chaos by Pete Ketcham There has been tremendous concern over the prospect of the US being turned into a Socialist nation. That concern is based on the socialist policies that emerge from […]

Antifa Are Cowards

Antifa Are Cowards

August 11, 2021 1

Antifa Are Cowards By Mike Huckabee I’m not going to recount in full detail the story of the Antifa attack on innocent Christians who were holding a prayer service in a park in Portland, Oregon. […]

Democrats Try To Backtrack on 'Defund the Police'

Democrats Try To Backtrack on ‘Defund the Police’

June 27, 2021 0

Democrats Try To Backtrack on ‘Defund the Police’ by Shari Dovale “Defund the Police” has been the Communist Mantra since the day that George Floyd died in Minneapolis. Every Democrat, every Progressive, and everyone afraid […]

Who Is The Real Threat?

Who Is The Real Threat?

June 20, 2021 0

Who Is The Real Threat? By Mike Huckabee Watch former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi tell (of course) MSNBC that to fight “domestic terrorism,” the feds may have to go after people “around the […]

Before You Take Action in This War, Have a Plan

Before You Take Action in This War, Have a Plan

June 8, 2021 0

Before You Take Action in This War, Have a Plan by John D. Guandolo ACT – REACT – COUNTERACT When it comes to the massive corruption, apathy, incompetence and criminal negligence of local, state, and federal […]

crt Critical Race Theory

CRT & Nazism, Identical Philosophies

June 1, 2021 0

CRT & Nazism, Identical Philosophies by Pete Ketcham It has become evident to the conservatives that our nation is being assaulted by the Democrat party and godless liberals who are promoting socialism & communism to […]

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