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Framing the Debate on the 2nd Amendment

Framing the Debate on the 2nd Amendment

October 8, 2017 8

Framing the Debate on the 2nd Amendment by Cornel Rasor If you believe the constitution and bill of rights protects our right to defend ourselves from each other only, this is not for you… If […]


Regarding Conservation Easements

February 1, 2017 0

Regarding Conservation Easements by Cornel Rasor Although the original intent of conservation easements was to “ allow landowners to hold on to and use their property but permanently remove development rights in exchange for tax […]

Oath Keepers
Boundary County

Boundary County Oath Keepers

January 19, 2016 0

Boundary County Oath Keepers   Oath Keepers of Boundary County will be having our monthly chapter meeting this Friday, Feb. 5th, 6:30 pm (1830) at the County Extension Office. Primary items of business will be […]

The Western Lands Issue

The Western Lands Issue

February 14, 2019 4

The Western Lands Issue by Ron Nielsen I was asked recently what ‘the western lands issue’ means. I use this term when speaking about the 11 western states that have substantial amounts of federally owned […]

castle doctrine

A Man’s Home is His Castle

September 26, 2016 2

A Man’s Home is His Castle By Donna Capurso On Saturday evening, September 24th, approximately 100+ people turned out at the Boundary County Fairgrounds in Bonners Ferry at 5:30 p.m. to attend a Second Amendment […]


The Real Definition of Militia

September 14, 2016 6

The Real Definition of Militia by Mike Pierce In the “Constitution Quest Board Game” A card came up with this question, “TRUE or FALSE Congress has the power to provide for organizing the Militia (National […]

Patriot Matt Shea

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Shea’s Patriot Playbook

April 28, 2016 4

Matt Shea’s Patriot Playbook Representative Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley) is the co-founder and Chairman of the Coalition for Western States (COWS). He recently met with the Spokane County Constitutional Republicans in Spokane Valley. As keynote […]

Butch 2nd

Butch, A Letter To the Governor – Lance Earl

March 30, 2016 0

Butch, A Letter To the Governor – Lance Earl Originally published at C. L. “Butch” Otter Governor March 24, 2016 The Honorable Brad Little President of the Senate Statehouse Mail Boise, ID 83702 Dear […]

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