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“Take Off Your Mask” Day – Worldwide

September 1, 2020

“Take Off Your Mask” Day – Worldwide

"Take Off Your Mask" Day - Worldwide

Please encourage others to take theirs off and go to a store or place that requires wearing a mask and defy the insanity.
Watch our video here:
We need to model courageous behavior to those who want to stop this forced tyranny and encourage them to take off their masks.
Get the word out and give courage to those who have been afraid to take off their masks. It is time to refuse to wear them.
Let’s make this one day event a movement!
Thank you to those who are already defying the foolish, non-scientific mask mandates!

The Constitution and the law is on your side!



September 1, 2020
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4 Comments on “Take Off Your Mask” Day – Worldwide

  1. Don’t just refuse to wear masks! Assemble in large numbers, close together. If possible, include in the assembly as many people as you can who have been ‘diagnosed’ with COVID-19, the non-existent ‘virus’. Defy this Satanic nonsense! And don’t get vaccinated … for anything! All of so-called modern medicine is a dreadful Satatnic/Illuminati/Vatican/Bill Gates Conspiracy to control our minds … and don’t forget 5G!
    Stay away from all electronic devices, eat only food you have grown yourself.
    And apply for your Darwin Award for the contribution you will soon make to raising the average IQ of humanity.

    • I don’t get it either. This seems like an overreaction; Masks seem like a good idea. And really are the least of worries; shutting down businesses has way more effect on society. On an individual level wearing a mask is a choice…and stores have the right to set their own rules. Government buildings it starts to get tricky because everybody has rights…including to not wear a mask.

      The one thing that is not talked about much is liability. If you infect someone with COVID19…or even the flu…are you liable? Yes, people have been suffering this situation for ages….and there have probably been mean people who have infected others on purpose. It would be hard to prove…but in examining the matter fully…I don’t think too many people would agree that a person has the right to spread diseases.

      A woman walked into Applebees in December 2018 coughing and hacking…she gave a really bad flu to an older relative of mine. After that, my older relative wore a mask when she went out and got approving comments from other shoppers. And this was a year before COVID19.

  2. This is the comment I left just now under the video linked in the article above.

    The mask mandates are phase one. They comprise a “beta test” to determine how many will comply with an unconstitutional mandate. Such mandates are more than a beta test, however. They are also the precursor to mandated vaccines and the literal subjection of our very minds and souls to the forces of darkness by allowing
    injection of nano-particles via vaccines. What Mode-RNA (Moderna) is creating
    will change each recipient’s DNA by injecting nano-particles in conjunction
    with synthetic RNA — a science which has never been used before, and which
    promises to alter humanity at the physical level. It’s quite horrible, and most
    Americans, mesmerized by the flicker-rates on their television screens and 24/7
    programming, are oblivious to this danger Our bodies are the gateways to our
    minds, and our minds are the gateway to our souls, and our souls are animated
    by the vibratory frequencies of spirit. The Spirit which created mankind is the
    target of this evil, and the new world order’s gluttonous campaigners who
    worship man-made government are now obviously planning to usurp the very spirit
    of life itself. They refer to it as “trans-humanism”. Their first
    step includes mandating the insane wearing of masks. I have refused to wear a
    mask on the basis of understanding what I’ve just written here, and I’m not
    even a Christian. Surely Christians should already know why they must not wear
    these masks and bow to unauthorized abuses of governmental authority. Be a
    self-owning individual. Do not let government assert ownership over your body
    with these mask mandates! Stand up. Say No! Be a self-owning free American.
    Here is an inspirational Doctor speaking the truth about the synthetic RNA
    vaccines they’re rushing to force us all to take —


    Elias Alias

    (Thanks for the venue.) Best wishes to all.
    [end quoted comment from video linked above]

    Shari and Bret, my thank to Redoubt News for posting this article.

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