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Red Pill Expo – Bozeman, MT

June 23, 2017 - June 24, 2017


About The Red Pill Expo

Taking the red pill is a meme from the sci-fi movie, The Matrix, in which humans are living in a world of illusion that prevents them from knowing they are controlled by unseen forces. The only way to see things as they really are is to reject the blue pill, which perpetuates the illusion, and take the red pill, which makes it possible to see reality.

Rejecting illusion and revealing reality in areas relating to our personal lives is what will happen at the Red Pill Expo. G. Edward Griffin, will be sharing the platform with some of the greatest truth-seekers and teachers of our time. Here’s the lineup:

► G. Edward Griffin – author, Creature from Jekyll Island
► Lord Christopher Monckton – British champion of Brexit
► Robert Kiyosaki – Author Rich Dad, Poor Dad
► Ty Bollinger – Natural Health Advocate, Filmmaker
► Mike Adams – Known as the Health Ranger
► Richard Gage, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
► John B. Wells – Host, Caravan to Midnight radio
► Cynthia McKinney – Political whistleblower
► James Corbett – The Corbett Report
► Sheriff Richard Mack – America’s Constitutional Sheriff
► Craig Rucker – Co-founder of CFACT and Climate expert
► Patrick Wood – Publisher, Technocracy News
► Jon Rappoport – Red Pill Journalist and Commentator
► Alex Newman – Journalist, author of Crimes of the Educators 
► Holly Swanson – Investigator, author on environmentalism
► Craig Rucker – Director of, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow
► Dan Johnson – People Against NDAA; Tax Revolution Institute
► Joel Salatin – Author, philosopher, environmentalist, farmer

Read the Red Pill Expo’s write-up intro for each of the above-listed featured speakers here —

Now just imagine —  This conference/Expo will make possible for YOU to meet and connect with this outstanding line-up of national-level liberty fighters.  The list of featured guest speakers is the most powerful line-up you’ll see anywhere this year. I can’t wait, and I hope to see YOU there!


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June 23, 2017
June 24, 2017
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The Commons, Bozeman, MT

2 Comments on Red Pill Expo – Bozeman, MT

  1. I would love to go to this conference, but cannot
    afford the price. Will this conference be taped
    and how much will it cost? Where would I get it?

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