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Meet & Greet – Dave Schuman for Sheriff

April 23, 2016 @ 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Schuman candidate

Meet & Greet – Dave Schuman for Sheriff

“This campaign is very much like how our administration will be like. People from an assortment of past experiences, beliefs, specialties and plans banding together to form support. That, my friends, is also a definition of the Community Partnership. Sure you will always have some folks that we will have a difference of an opinion with: but that just helps life be interesting. I believe it is a mark of a person’s character on how a person reacts to those with opposing thoughts. I have spent the majority of my career as an arbitrator, protector, and defender. In all those roles I have attempted to approach them with honor, honesty and decisiveness.”

I work off these simple rules:

  • #1 > It is the intent of a law, not the letter of the law that we enforce. We have multiple
    levels of law making elements that are designed to assist in spelling out and explaining
    the intent to every level.
  • #2 > Having the willingness and drive to approach clarifications is a crucial need of all
    Sheriffs. I have that. Even if the clarification is not what I personally desire.
    The goal is: A fair and just law based upon our rights granted by the United States
  • #3 > Many people like to give incomplete quotes or confuse a person’s personal view point
    with their legal opinions of what is a law. In some situations, that can be several
    different things.
  • #4 > Peace Officers are expected to, at times, make split second decisions. That is why their
    training program must be at a high caliber. AS Sheriff, we will improve our training
    programs at no extra cost to our tax payers.
  • #5 > Misinformation at any level is cancerous. Sometimes, it is conducted on purpose to direct
    attention away from other topics. A Sheriff cannot stop that from happening. However,
    as Sheriff, I will be vigilant in giving all the people the facts, thus reducing the
    misinformation. We will utilize multiple sources of media to ensure this is accomplished.
    Clarity through actions.
  • #6 > Investigative reports will show facts. Even if those facts do not follow statements
    obtained. It is our goal to have a fair and true representation of facts, if or when a
    case goes to trial. All too common, the Chief Administrators are only concerned about
    statistics. I am not a bean counter, even though the job will require it. My take is, that
    if we are doing our job correctly the numbers will be a true and accurate representation
    of our efforts.
  • #7 > Do not let inappropriate actions by yourself or other Officers taint a case. Are there
    calls or cases that personally offend or upset me? Of course there are, I am human.
    However, my profession requires me to act appropriately. It does not prevent me from
    punching on the heavy bag in my garage before I go into my house at the end of shift.
    I do not take negative feelings from my job into my house.


I conduct myself by these and many other rules on an ongoing basis. I accept all people
for what they are. That being human beings, subject to flaws. It is not my place to judge
or treat people in a biased manner. So when I approach a case or call for services I treat peo
ple in the manner I would want a close endearing family member treated.
Be it with brutal honesty or a stern hand in the form of an arrest; In all cases it
does not take away the fact that a Peace Officer must be fair and equal to all.


April 23, 2016
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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Curley Creek Community Hall
Curley Creek Rd
Moyie Springs, ID United States
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