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Why Is The Truth Being Ignored?

Refuse to address what the real problem is, and nothing will change, until it is too late. 


Why Is The Truth Being Ignored?

By Karen Schumacher

As everyone focuses on the devastation that would ensue if Joe Biden were re-elected, or the triumphs for America that would come with a Donald Trump win, the refusal to target and address the real problem persists.  The real problem that will continue with either one of those candidates is the government behaving in full partnership with the United Nations (UN), and corporations that are World Economic Forum (WEF) members.

Every issue at the forefront, right now, was initially brought into our lives by UN Agenda 21.  Sustainability is the catch phrase today, a synonym for Agenda 21.  Thanks to GHW Bush who signed it, the opportunity came for Bill Clinton to successfully integrate it into the federal government in 1993, bringing non-governmental organizations and corporations to the table.

With the Agenda 21 framework integrated into federal legislation, the UN could really begin targeting everyone’s lives with Agenda 2030 in 2015, condensing 40 chapters into 17 sustainable development goals.  As the title suggests, who better to announce his intention of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” than Barack Hussein Obama.  Since that time America has seen nothing but divisiveness between those who have adopted this deception for global governance and those who want to retain the freedoms that have been fought for over two hundred years. 

In 2019, the UN and WEF teamed up in a strategic partnership to fund and accelerate Agenda 2030.  It has only accelerated the nightmare.

What did the UN and WEF bring us with these agendas?  Strengthening public-private partnerships which is nothing more than corporatism or crony capitalism.  The ability of anyone to decide who they want to be for gender equality or having a right to all family planning services, including abortion.  Littering the land with wind turbines and solar panels, again taking away more land use and production, while destroying hydroelectric dams that served several purposes.  Creating schemes that take land out of production and away from citizens for supposed protection while at the same time forcing practices that destroy it.  The integration of Agenda 21 into the now destroyed education system.  And dumping money towards an infrastructure that brings the internet to everyone.  Then there is the housing goal for you to pay $45 billion to compactly cram as many people as possible into cities per WEF dictates, what better way to achieve the goal to move people into “sustainable” cities for more control.  Those are just a few of the damaging actions brought by the UN and WEF that are being ignored, but being served to us by the government..

With Joe Biden’s pitch to Build Back Better, it effectively cements the WEF Great Reset into America.

There is also the skyrocketing national debt.  This debt comes from pushing America into a dystopian world that Americans did not request, while deliberately bankrupting them.

Until it is understood that the root cause of current problems is the refusal to address what the real problem is, nothing will change, until it is too late.  And it will be too late, if not already.  After decades of mockery towards those who have been sounding the alarm, at least now the government is openly admitting to its sin.  This is not a democrat or republican issue, it is a malignant cancer in both, a colossal failure to follow the Constitution, a dereliction of the self-governed to keep its government in check, and refusal to confront the truth.

Expect no change to the problems with whoever is elected.  Nobody is willing to address the truth.  The government machine has grown to such a magnitude that there is most likely nothing that can be done to change it.  The enormity of indoctrination is such that there is little that can be done to reverse the trend of self-destruction.  And that is the truth.


2 Comments on Why Is The Truth Being Ignored?

  1. Victory in any form is better than defeat….short sighted anti everything is killing any hope of pulling out of a nose dive.
    Trump/Vance 2024

  2. Yep, bad accounting leads to bad government. If they can’t keep the numbers right they have no business regulating the lives of people. And this really means what is says…because it is not about money persay…it is the most basic of requirements…just make the books balance. From that the people will at least know the choices to be made for the future.

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