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What Comes Next?

This July 11 sentencing will be a major turning point in this presidential election


What Comes Next?

By Pete Ketcham

The debate disaster of Biden has the Democrats reevaluating their strategy of defeating Trump for president. Many democrats now want to dump Biden and move forward with a younger more dynamic presidential candidate, others want to keep Biden as the candidate, but both sides of this issue will do anything legal or illegal to defeat Trump.

It has been demonstrated that the entire Trump felony trial was a illegal procedure conducted by two corrupt democrat attorneys, one a judge ( Juan Merchan ) one a DA (Alvin Bragg). There is no limit to the lengths the Democrats will go to defeat Trump for president.

And so what comes next is the July 11 sentencing hearing of Trump, the last major opportunity before the election to impede Trump in his election efforts. Because of the debate debacle of Biden it seems very possible that the corrupt Democrat judge will feel far more motivated to restrict Trump’s ability to campaign. He could impose a prison sentence, or at the least home confinement, but what ever he does, it will be very confining on Trump.

This July 11 sentencing will be a major turning point in this presidential election, just as the debate between Biden and Trump was. No one knows for sure what judge Merchan is going to do, and thus we all anxiously wait to see what “bombshell” comes next.


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