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Insurrection Day By Brent Regan

It is the long standing tradition of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee to hand out American Flags to children, except...


Insurrection Day

By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, a national holiday marking the founding of our great nation. A day we celebrate our insurrectionist Founding Fathers who gave a collective middle finger to the King of England. As Dennis Miller put it “They started a war over a tax on a breakfast beverage, and it wasn’t even coffee!” We owe our prosperity and national existence to the 56 men whose iconic act of defiance made them “felons” in the eyes of the king.

We celebrate our independence by waving flags, holding parades, barbecuing meat, and lighting off fireworks. Meanwhile our liberties, our freedoms are being eroded by well-meaning oppressors, and the very same government established to protect those rights.

The Coeur d’Alene City Council took a big bite out of the First Amendment’s protections of Free Speech. ‘Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech’ has been incorporated, meaning that not only does it apply to Congress; it applies to government at all levels. This protection is absolute, with the exception of speech that incites imminent harm. Yelling “Fire!” or pulling a fire alarm in a crowded room is not protected IF there is no fire.

The reason for the First Amendment is to protect the speech of persons who may have something objectionable to say about someone, the king perhaps, but our founders recognized the need to allow abrasive words to be spoken against authority, or anyone.

The latest assault on our freedoms is cloaked in good intentions, a brick in the road to Hell. The City Council has recently enacted a “Hate Speech” ordinance to ensure that the next time some teenager stupidly yells a racial epithet they can conduct a massive investigation and throw his backside in jail, thus proving love lives here.

These erosions aren’t just by the government. It is the long standing tradition of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee to hand out American Flags to children and the young at heart watching the Fourth of July Parade. We typically give away over 12,000 flags which are eagerly accepted as a memorable souvenir of our American tradition.

One would think that the regulators of the parade, the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce, would welcome these flags as they lift the spirits and the patriotism of all who receive them. Apparently, in addition to trying to ban religious symbols, the Chamber thinks patriotism isn’t the right kind of pride. Every year the KCRCC is moved further back in the parade lineup. Ten years ago we were about one third of the way. Now the children won’t receive their anticipated flags to waive until the very end. Where is the fun in that?

There is some good news to celebrate. After a contentious election, the Precinct Committeemen quickly demonstrated that Republicans CAN work together towards a common goal. On June 25th, during our first general meeting, the KCRCC considered and adopted a resolution to protect young people from genital mutilation. The vote to adopt the resolution was nearly unanimous with only one Nay vote. The committee further agreed to publish the resolution and the results of the roll call vote as follows.

A Resolution Regarding the Minimum Age for Gender Reassignment Surgeries

WHEREAS, the health and well-being of our youth is of paramount importance to the future of our community and nation;

WHEREAS, scientific research has demonstrated that the brain continues to develop until the mid-20s, and that pharmaceutical hormone blockers can interfere with this critical development, and may lead to long-term cognitive and behavioral consequences;

WHEREAS, gender reassignment surgeries are irreversible medical procedures that carry significant physical and psychological implications;

WHEREAS, there is ongoing debate and differing opinions within the medical and psychological communities regarding the long-term effects of these procedures;

WHEREAS, the current minimum legal age for gender mutilation should at least align with the minimum legal age required for drinking and smoking;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we urge our federal, state, and local governments to enact legislation raising the minimum legal age for gender reassignment procedures to 21.

Supporters of this resolution include:

Kathy Clark, Melanie Vander Feer, Michael Jehnichen, Brent Regan, Dave Seurynck, Jamie Hass, Tim Skubitz, Steve Cochran, Pierce Duncan, Mary White, Tonya Merritt, Nina Beesley, Will Havercroft, Judy Fujimoto, Luke Sommer, Pierce Clegg, Casey Morrisroe, Tamara Bateson, Kellie Palm, Britt Towery, Randy Hartzell, Charlene Matheson, Charlie Specht, Lori Anderson, David M. Crane, Kara Claridge, Terri Seymour, Justin Schorzman, Joshua Dahlstrom, Marc Stewart, Mary Souza, Dave Raglin, Sid Smith, Randy Neal, Bjorn Handeen, Dan Gookin, Kathleen Tillman, Darin Hayes, Pete Erbland, Todd Pierce, Pam Houser, David Stoltz, Ryan Davis, Jeff Populus, Randy Westlund, Jill Storm, Daniel Fry, John Moore, Paul R. Wagner, Don Eichler, Michael Burgess, Dan Redline, Todd M. Banducci, Tony Wisniewski, Phil Cooper, Michelle Grossglauser, Rob Barrans, Beverly Guenette, Walt Sackman, Chad Ross, Hari Heath, Ken Zaken, Becky Funk, & Jeff Tyler

Dan Sheckler voted against this resolution reasoning that the rights of the individual must be respected. We respect Mr. Sheckler’s freedom of speech and his right to object. His fellow committeemen hold no animus towards him for doing so.

It’s just common sense.


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