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We Can Win By Pete Ketcham

There could be other examples of positive outcomes amid the unlawful attacks on Trump


We Can Win

By Pete Ketcham

As our forefathers struggled through a revolutionary war to eventually create a Christian based constitutional republic, the effort seemed hopeless at times. George Washington lost battle after battle against a superior British army, but through the miraculous help of God finally came out the victor.

Today the God-fearing men and women who comprise the conservative community of this nation are going through the same discouraging struggle to save this constitutional nation from destruction by the Democratic elites. Although it looks hopeless at times, in these present struggles there are some positive results, some of which are as follows:

  1. The devastating and disappointing experience of having the 2020 presidential election stolen by the Democrats seemed at the time the end of any chance the nation could return to it’s constitutional roots. But with the Democrats taking control of the nation, the American public is now becoming aware of the tremendous corruption and incompetence of the Democrat party that would never have been exposed if Trump had retained the presidency.
  2. The present unlawful prosecution of Trump by Alvin Bragg Manhattan DA, has enabled Trump to make a tremendous inroad into the blue New York Bronx district that would have been unthinkable as a sitting Republican president.
  3. The New York, Georgia, Washing DC, and Florida prosecutions of Trump, have given him nation-wide “victim” exposure as a presidential candidate who is being illegally and unjustly prosecuted by his political opponent, Joe Biden.


There could be other examples of positive outcomes amid the unlawful attacks on Trump and the God-fearing conservatives, but it stands to reason that if God gave victory to the founding fathers in their struggle to create this nation, He can give victory to the God-fearing people who are struggling to save it. But in any case, it will still be a very difficult fight.


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