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Tulsi Gabbard By Pete Ketcham

The Democrat elitist are complete godless evil individuals


Tulsi Gabbard

By Pete Ketcham

Tulsi Gabbard, a four term Democrat member of congress and combat veteran has written a new book “For Love of Country” that is a very articulate and accurate accounting of the power lusting “Democratic elite”

She deals with all the issues that the Democratic elite are promoting that are destroying our nation, such as school indoctrination, woke military, climate change, LGBTQ perverse agenda, the liberal propaganda news media, and the general corruption that pervades the Democrat Party.

A constant theme throughout the book is the insatiable appetite for POWER that the Democrat elitist have, their desire to control everything just as a dictator does. Also that the Democrat elitist will deceive the public and break any law to gain and maintain power, just as a dictator does.


Overall the book illustrates that the Democrat elitist are complete godless evil individuals, which causes one to wonder where did these people come from? The answer to that question seems to be that they basically came from a half century of liberal anti-America, godless indoctrination by the national education system, (from K12 to collage graduate school).

Lastly, it is an obvious fact, that unless the entire education system is brought back under the control of the God-fearing conservative patriots, what is currently taking place in our nation will continue, and become progressively more destructive.



1 Comment on Tulsi Gabbard By Pete Ketcham

  1. Gabbard is a World Economic Forum graduate, nothing she says can be trusted. She is part of the party that is pushing the globalism.

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