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Trump Sentence By Pete Ketcham

There are several sentencing options that Judge Merchan could apply

sentence What’s Behind the Arrest of Donald Trump?

Trump Sentence

By Pete Ketcham

There has been a tremendous amount of speculation about the the type of sentence
that the corrupt Democrat Judge Juan Merchan may impose on Trump on the July 11 sentencing date.

The conservative political pundits and lawyers seem to believe that if the judge imposes a prison sentence it will be a suspended sentence or possible probation. They believe that what ever the sentence, Trump will not be confined or restricted from continuing his campaign.

At this time no one knows for sure what the sentence will be, but it should be realized that the Democrats have went to great illegal and unconstitutional lengths to prosecute Trump in order to keep him from becoming president, and are not about to pass up the opportunity at the sentencing to further impede and restrict his presidential activities.

A recent precursor of what is coming for Trump in New York is the New York appellate court’s denial of his appeal to lift the unconstitutional gag order. Trump is deep into the “enemy territory” of the New York “justice system”, and they are not going to let him walk away to continue his presidential campaign, especially now that he is surpassing Biden in the polls.


There are several sentencing options that Judge Merchan could apply that would restrict him from freely moving about the nation as he campaigns , two of which are as follows;

  1. If judge Merchan puts Trump in prison, there could be a tremendous outcry and movement against the judge that could possibly force him to modify his decision to a
    suspended sentence, but he may not be intimidated and would keep Trump in prison.
  2. The judge could place Trump in some type of house arrest/home confinement prohibiting any type of travel.

What ever the outcome of the sentencing hearing it would be expected that the judge will impose the harshest sentence he can “get away with”  in order to impede Trump’s ability to run for president.


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