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The Greatest Enemy Faced

Hard to believe how far and fast our nation has deteriorated due to the ongoing destructive agenda of the Democrats

greatest enemy

The Greatest Enemy Faced
( Not “D” Day or WW2)

By Pete Ketcham

As a nation we recently remembered the sacrifice of brave US soldiers, sailors, airmen, and others in the costly but successful June 6, 1944 “D” DAY invasion of France at Normandy beach. It launched the successful invasion of ground troops to free France, conquer Germany, and eventfully win WW2.

Our nation back in the 1940’s was guided and controlled by two political parties (Republican & Democrat) and a president (Roosevelt /Truman). The men and women of both parties who controlled our nation in the 40’s used logic, common sense, and wisdom in their cooperative decision making. Because of this, there was no danger of the United States being bombed, invaded, or overthrown during WW2. Even though there was a tremendous war effort and sacrifice, the nation was never in any danger of being destroyed.

But today that is no longer the case. The brutal truth is that the nation is being destroyed by the most evil illogical group of people (Democrats) in the history of the nation. These evil people have taken control of so many “powerful entities” that they are now unstoppable regardless of who controls the presidency or congress. The following is a partial listing of the “powerful entities” they control:

  1. The Democrat political party…. It has become an organization that literally lusts after political power, and will employ any tactic to retain and gain more power, regardless if it is legal/constitutional or not. It has no interest in the welfare of the citizens, and uses deception and outright lies to garner support.
  2. The national education system…. It no longer teaches academic skills, but indoctrinates students (From K-12 to Collage graduate school) to hate our nation, adopt the depraved agenda of the LGBTQ community, embrace racism, and abandon all logic in dealing with social issues.
  3. The entertainment industry…. The moral standards of the 1940’s are long gone in the production of movies. There was no profanity, filthy language, or sex scenes back then, but now there is no limit how depraved a movie or TV production can be.
  4. The Liberal Mainstream News Media….ABC, NBC, and other news outlets used to provide accurate unbiased news that the general public could rely on, but now they have become the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. They are a powerful and vital asset to the Democrat Party in the promotion of lies and deception used to mislead the general population concerning major issues such as Climate Change, LGBTQ, illegal immigration etc.


It is hard to believe how far and fast our nation has deteriorated due to the ongoing destructive agenda of the Democrats. The American people back in 1944 could not have possibly imagined, that in 80 years that the nation they fought and died for would be coming to it’s end as a moral christian nation.

Ending on a positive note, there appears to be some hope for the nation as Trump gains in the poles, has tremendous attendance at his MAGA rallies, and garners record breaking financial support.


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