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Open Letter to the Pearl Theater:

The good people of this community will be encouraged to boycott the Pearl Theater and its sponsors. 

Dylan Pontiff stated that Drag queens are deliberately "grooming" the next generation to accept LGBT ideology when they read to children in public libraries at drag queen “story hour” events

Open Letter to the Pearl Theater:

Dear Pearl Theater Directors: Heather Olson, Becky Revak, Serafina Dwyer, Jessica Tingley, Mike Weland, and Carolyn Birrell.

I write[1] asking you to cancel the ‘Gay Pride’ event (GPe) at the Pearl Theater.  The Pearl’s objective as a nonprofit “is to foster and develop the artistic talents and skills of community members of all ages, to serve as an outreach to encourage and facilitate social activities, and to nurture excellence in the performing arts…”

The GPe has little to do with art, artistic talents or activities that promote what is good and right in our community. The ‘gay pride’ agenda is a national in-your-face parade of ignominy. Their aggressive actions demonstrate the ‘pride’ agenda is at war with our heritage and community.

The Historic Pearl Theater was built for and long used in worship of God.  The one book that directed that worship is the Bible which is the foundational document of what is good and just and what is not.  Darkness dominates the world without this standard.  We are ‘endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights’ which emanate from no other source; no right exists to steal, rape, rob, pillage, murder or promote the LBGT+ agenda. For men or women to claim to be transgender or 100+ genders is a lie, the abandonment of truth. By hosting this GPe, you become a promoter of the LBGT+ agenda.

Please cancel this event. If you fail to do so, the good people of this community will be encouraged to boycott the Pearl Theater and its sponsors. 

Thank you for your consideration.


Steve Tanner
Bonners Ferry, Idaho


4 Comments on Open Letter to the Pearl Theater:

  1. The people of that region call it Trump country. So here comes
    the sodomite agitators to remind the people that sodomy
    is America’s new god, that sodomites are moral colossus
    and that Christian moral values are inhumane and oppressive.

  2. Jackson, please read your Bible. Leviticus 18:22 thru 20:13 prescribe severe punishment for homosexuality. In Romans, the Bible clearly states that homosexuals cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven. Yes, god loves all, but will cast out those who do evil and do not repent. Ask the Sodomites.

  3. The Pearl Theater will not cancel the event. The directors truly believe in the queer cause. They actively courted this fiasco and are using a “Diversity Grant”, to fund it. Do you think they would allow any right-wing or fundamentalist Christian groups to rent the venue?

  4. Hey Steve,

    Does the ‘good people’ of the community go to performances at this theater?

    And please remember, God loves all his children.

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