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Masters Of Deception

There seems to be a glimmer of hope that the general public may be beginning to see reality


Masters Of Deception

By Pete Ketcham

As we all have observed, the lies, the deception, and subterfuge increases on a daily basis by the corrupt Democrat party prominent politicians. They have become very skillful and clever in the process of covering up fraud, executing deception, and misleading the general public.

Two recent examples (out of hundreds) of their deception are as follows;

  1. The biased unethical Democrat judge Merchan has flagged a facebook post concerning the conviction of Trump, and has alerted both the prosecution and defense lawyers. This action by Merchan would seem to give the impression that he is concerned about the fairness and proper conduct of the jury, but that is a complete deception, as his “jury actions” in court indicate he could care less.
  2. Biden has now enacted a policy that is to supposedly correct the border problem he has created. That policy is described as follows:

    “The government will suspend the right to claim asylum, with few exceptions, if the number of people apprehended between the ports of entry exceeds 2,500 people for seven straight days. The suspension remains in effect until the number drops to 1,500″.

    A recent report has now revealed that this incomprehensible policy was all a charade to enhance Biden’s reelection chances. There is no change at the border, the rate of illegal crossings remains the same, approximately 4000 to 5000 per day.

  3. A standard deceptive procedure employed by the Democrats is to publicly accuse the Republicans of the very illegal and unconstitutional acts they themselves are committing. There are many more deceptions they use to shift blame, such as “It was the previous administration that created this problem.”


As “Masters Of Deception” the Democrats have been able to mislead and deceive the public for decades. One of the reasons they have been so successful in their deception, is that they have been able to use the liberal Main Stream Media to propagate their depraved and dishonest agenda.

And lastly, there seems to be a glimmer of hope that the general public may be beginning to see the reality of the deception that has been perpetrated on them for decades, but the upcoming elections will tell if this is the case.


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