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It’s Not Over Yet

There is great speculation on what the actual sentence Merchan will impose


It’s Not Over Yet

By Pete Ketcham

As we all know this recent illegal unconstitutional “Hush Money” trial of Trump was primarily designed and executed by the Democrats for the purpose of keeping him from becoming president.

He was convicted of 34 felony counts, each of which carries a four year prison term and a $5000 fine, which total up to 136 years in prison and $170,000. It seems certain these charges will be reduced or thrown out entirely on appeal, but Trump has only a little over one month of unobstructed freedom before Judge Merchan “brings the hammer down” on July 11 when sentencing will be executed. It will take months, perhaps even a year to go through the appeal process, but in the meantime Trump will be under the control of Judge Merchan.

There is great speculation on what the actual sentence Merchan will impose, but what ever it is, it will be to hinder or prevent Trump from campaigning for president. Some have speculated Merchan could give Trump a year in prison, community service, probation under the control of a probation officer, or even some type of house arrest confinement. Also, prior to sentencing Merchan can order a pre-sentencing report that can be rigged to justify a harsh sentence.


In any event the sentencing will be as severe as Merchan feels he can impose without creating complete social chaos and out of control rioting by the Trump supporters.

And lastly as previously stated, this whole illegal corrupt trial, conviction, and sentencing has been designed by the Democrats to prevent Trump from becoming President of the USA again.


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