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*Update* Attack at the Sagle Gun Store

There are 3 pending charges against Franco

*Update* Attack at the Sagle Gun Store

*Update* Attack at the Sagle Gun Store

by Shari Dovale

We reported that Mike Franco was arrested over an attack he allegedly initiated at the Sheepdog Supplies gun shop in Sagle, Idaho.

BREAKING: Recoil from This Week’s Elections *VIDEO UPDATE*

This attack was apparently over political disagreements from this week’s primary election. Franco seemed to be overly distraught that the two victims were not on board with his chosen ‘Pac Pac’ candidates.

One of the victims, Dan Rose, has said that at one time he and Franco were friends, however, that has not been the case for many years.

The two victims were taken to the hospital and both have been released.

There are 3 pending charges against Franco, including 2 counts of battery against a person and 1 count of malicious injury to property, as you can see below:


Attack at the Sagle Gun Store

Attack at the Sagle Gun Store

One of the higher ranking members of this PAC has made public statements suggesting this could have been a “Staged Event”. This is concerning due to the violent nature involved, however, she has not clarified who she thinks may have staged the event.

Attack at the Sagle Gun Store

This is the video that is available from the event:

Stay tuned to Redoubt News for updates as they become available.



2 Comments on *Update* Attack at the Sagle Gun Store

  1. If Marxist Democrats were prohibited from
    running as Republican candidates in the
    Republican Primary, splitting the conservative
    vote would be meaningless. However, the greater
    problem is the leadership of the Bonner County
    Republican Party, who are weak or who are leftist
    Democrats. The Chairman of the local Republican
    Party is very weak. He should be selling ice cream cones
    to children instead of leading a conservative political
    party that is under constant assault by the Marxist left.
    Was he aware that at polling stations anyone was
    able to receive a Republican ballot when the Republican
    Primary is closed to all except registered Republicans?
    Does he care?

  2. I don’t know what happened inside the store, but I had better fights in grade school. If this was staged, it was a feeble attempt.

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