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Two Crises By Pete Ketchum

It is pretty certain the Democrats will resort to fraud


Two Crises

By Pete Ketcham

With the crisis’s that are currently disrupting our nation such as drug deaths, homelessness, crime, etc., it is difficult to imagine there could be more coming, but there is evidence there are two more that will soon be impacting the nation.

One is national disruption and turmoil resulting from the presidential election, and the other is the cultural impact from the present illegal immigrant invasion.

Election Result Turmoil

From the bitter animosity and distrust that now exists between the Republican and Democrat parties, it is very likely that neither party is going to accept the results of the election if they are the losers. There is the possibility of nationwide protests/riots, court actions filed, and legislative actions initiated to delay or decertify the election results. As they have done in the past, it is pretty certain the Democrats will resort to fraud in their attempt to win the forthcoming elections, and will accuse the Republicans of fraud if the Democrats lose.

Illegal Immigrant Invasion

As stated in prior articles there are various estimates for the last three years on the number of unvetted illegal immigrants crossing our boarder, but the general consensus is that there has been approximately 3.6 million per year, a figure that does not include the “gotaways”. There is an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants and an additional 2 million “gotaways” that have crossed our border so far during the Biden administration, with another million plus crossing for the remainder of 2024.

American taxpayers are paying for the complete cost of housing, food, medical care, transportation, education, legal services, clothing, and other benefits for the millions of illegal immigrants already here and for the millions to come. If Biden and the Democrats win another four year term, there could be an additional 16 million illegal aliens for the tax payers to support. It is obvious that there is just not enough public funds to indefinitely continue this support of the illegal immigrants that are already here.

When the taxpayer money runs out, the majority of illegal immigrants who do not speak english, have no income, will become homeless and will resort to crime for their survival. This will result in national crime and chaos beyond anything we have experienced thus far, and In fact it is already beginning.


There is always the chance that these two crisis would not occur, but if political events continue on the present course, it seems like not only will these two crisis occur, but there is a very real possibility that there will be terror attacks due to Biden’s open border policy which has allowed millions of unvetted military aged men from all over the world to enter our nation.


2 Comments on Two Crises By Pete Ketchum

  1. The math is correct, plus the millions of illegals already here. Operation “Wetback”, was conducted in the 1950s by the Eisenhower administration, and it worked regardless of the non pc name. This has to end.

  2. For clarity, the population of Washington as of 2022 was 7,812,880, Oregon was 4,223,358, and Idaho was 1,964,726 million people. If my math is correct? According to your article, the numbers you portray are equal to replacing the population of all three states.

    My friends, you should buckle up and put a roll cage on your buggy: the road ahead will be somewhat rough.

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