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Scouting Neutered – By Karen Schumacher

All of this has actually been symbolic neutering just as being done physically with children.


Scouting Neutered

By Karen Schumacher

As the news focuses on the tantalizing story of former President Trump’s hush money trial, the inflated minority antisemitic chaos across campuses which does not reflect the sentiments of 340 million people, and the latest gossip in entertainment, the evil doers continue their march in destroying one inner core of America that is hideously dismantling future representation of America.

The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910 by W. D. Boyce, having evolved from the organization in England.  For decades this organization was a treasured representation of America, often attached to different religious organizations, building character and integrity in boys.  However, over time it has evolved into a neutered group of kids just being taught a Godless altered ideology.  Not surprisingly, many of these changes occurred following the adoption of Agenda 21 by George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Joining in 1922, the Boy Scouts of America became a member of he World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).  The Boy Scouts of the United Nations was created in 1945 for UN diplomats and staff.  By 1947, the United Nations (UN) got its hands on the Boy Scouts through WOSM, being granted UN non-government organization (NGO) status, and continues to work with the UN today.  There are a bunch of other world groups,  the International Department, World Scout Bureau, and World Scout Committee

The Boy Scout badge reflects Duty to God and Country, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self with symbols of American freedom.  There is also A World Crest Emblem that all Boy Scouts of America wear “as a symbol of unity and world brotherhood.”

Changes in the Boy Scouts began in 1973 with the first attempt to have female scout leaders, resulting in a drop in membership.  In was also in the 1970’s that other changes were made to the program with removal of several outdoor badges and a de-emphasis of the term boy.

In 1992, the organization was sued for discrimination, with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2000 that as a private organization it held the “First Amendment right to freedom of “expressive association“, meaning an association’s right to accept or decline membership based on certain criteria.  By 2013 the decision was made to open the doors to all males.

This discrimination dispute was ended by the BSA National Executive Board in 2015.  Then in in 2017 the decision was made to open the doors to any individual regardless of biological sex, and also expanding to girls.  By acknowledging this was no longer an organization for boys, the term boy was removed and the name was changed to Scouts BSA in 2019.  It should be no surprise that claims of sexual abuse were rampant by 2020, resulting in bankruptcy of the organization.

All of this destruction of what was once a remarkable organization has led to a complete stripping of its founding principles by now changing the name to “Scouting America“, a “rebranding” that will go into effective in February, 2025, so there is still time to escape.  This change was due to “low membership numbers” which the reason seems to escape understanding by those who caused the problem.  It has not been the Boy Scouts for a very long time, it is a kids club, overtaken by UN ideology.  Even the World Economic Forum recognizes this.  For now, there is still a Boy Scouts of America website, and does reference the future name change as a “foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training”.

All of this has actually been symbolic neutering just as being done physically with children.

Not that it hasn’t been occurring already, the National Scout Organizations have big plans to educate scouts on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  Scout activities used to be practiced through attachments to religious organizations but now that role has been removed and replaced with UN institutions.

Scouting badges also reflect this indoctrination.  No longer is there an American culture, instead being divided into different classes and groups, or really the heritage of the Constitution and the men who not only created it but also fought for it.  There is also the Citizenship badges in Society, the Community, the Nation (which barely covers the Constitution), and in the World with devotion to the UN, along with Sustainability, all required to reach Eagle Scout rank.

Clearly, this action is an advancement of Agenda 21 Chapter 24 and Sustainable Development Goal 5, which strip the distinction between male and female, making them nothing more than equal forms of an individual.  That is the goal, to create a society of robotic forms that can continue to be manipulated into a world of conformity.

Perhaps one could note that the only result of these changes, along with many other similar changes in society, has been the rise of children who are increasingly depressed, full of anxiety, suicidal with no sense of identity that extends into adulthood, and who struggle to find purpose.  This travesty of abuse towards children is extended to the Girl Scouts.  The solution is forming groups that bring back the original scouting values and principles, and forever eliminate what once was a cherished American organization.


2 Comments on Scouting Neutered – By Karen Schumacher

  1. My Dad was a scout, I was a scout and a leader, my sons were Eagle scouts. Allowing girls in was the death nail. I saw a troop let in girls who then couldn’t go camping because there were no women that wanted to go. Boys mature slower and need a chance to do goofy stuff without girls around.

  2. I’m kinda confused.

    The Boys Scouts have always been an international organization. Why is it a problem now? There has been a world jamboree every four years since 1920. American Scouts have mixed with other Scouts from other nations for years. The concept for this is for people to get to know each other and their difference beliefs and cultures. I can’t see a problem with this except if you are afraid of others who don’t look with you and have different traditions than you.

    Of course, America has been seen as a melting pot of other nations and cultures, which many American have embraced. The Boy Scouts of America have embraced this concept for over a hundred years. Why mess with it if it ain’t broken? Yes, the Scouts have change. For the better.

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