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PAC PAC, ITC, Bonner Votes, Forward Idaho and Who Else?

Being patriotic is only evil if you are a globalist

pac pac

PAC PAC, ITC, Bonner Votes, Forward Idaho and Who Else?

Who Are They?

By Bret Roush

There is a group of self-labeled ‘conservative’ Christians that use the name Politically Active Christians (PAC). Seeing that the Left is always in lockstep, it certainly makes sense to form a group for the Right in order to cooperate and have a larger front against the liberal competitors. An influential group of Christians with a political bent.

The Politically Active Christians were formed as a group to organize the community. This organization gives an indication of their moral wind. When PAC set sail to take advantage of that wind, they set their course, for others to see as well. Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:16

But they took their stand with a liberal viewpoint and ideology, promoting a documentary sponsored by atheist Rob Reiner, and supported by the leftist main stream media. PAC is now sailing that direction as they have used the same talking points the Leftists have spewed.

PAC is saying that Christian Nationalism is equal to racism and discrimination. NO! Stop the semantics! A Christian is a follower of Christ and being a nationalist and patriotic is only evil if you are a globalist.

When PAC put out an over two hour presentation supporting the liberal stance that is trying to equate Christian Nationalism with the Fake “Nick Fuentes America First” and any white supremacy group, they made their course clear, …a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.” Matthew 7:17b

Further, they did not put the information out as the PAC or ITC (Idaho True Conservatives), but under the cloak of a church. What does this mean? Is this a video presented by a political group, or by a church they represent, the Berean Christian Fellowship of Sandpoint?

If it is a political group they are representing,  is it PAC or ITC or Forward Idaho or Bonner Votes, or some other group? Throw a few more names in there just to create confusion.

They spread it out and hide what their true objectives are. However, at the moment they are dividing the conservative Christian voters with any and all wedges they can devise. Set your course back on the Bible and steer the true course.

The leadership of this group has turned into Pharisees and Sadducees and they have their hands on the rudder. They are steering the group in the direction of their own agenda.  If leadership’s hand is not on the rudder, then who’s is?

Go ahead and eat. This bread was made using the leaven of the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s.

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2 Comments on PAC PAC, ITC, Bonner Votes, Forward Idaho and Who Else?

  1. Republicans and undeclared are the only voters that can request a Republican ballot. Undeclared voters are then assigned to the Republican Party. Until they decide to change their affiliation after the November election.
    Democrat and Unaffiliated ballots are available to every voter no matter their affiliation.
    The damage of non-Republican minded voters changing registration has been a problem for several years. It a strategy now, just check Woodward’s website.
    This is an issue that the IDGOP has been trying to address but unsuccessfully so far. Look at the Luna, Otter, etc support for the Sauter and Woodward RINO candidate types across the state to know how imbedded they are in the party.
    It is going to take more than just voting on election day to fix.

  2. I’m outraged. When I voted yesterday at the polling place, I
    discovered anyone can vote in the Bonner County Republican
    Party Primary. Yet, the Republican Primary is a close primary,
    which means only Republicans can vote in a Republican
    Primary. When I signed in to vote, I was asked to which Party
    I belong, (I replied Republican), then I moved to the next table
    where I was asked which ballot, Democrat, Republican,
    Constitution, Libertarian, etc. did I want, which means anyone,
    including Democrats, could have asked for a Republican ballot.
    In the past, at the polling place, I was declared a Republican
    and given a Republican ballot only. I wasn’t asked to which
    party I belonged. The record at the polling place stated that
    I’m a Republican. Was yesterday’s Bonner County Republican
    Primary illegal? Did Bonner County violate the law by allowing
    an open Republican Primary?

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