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Aggressive Action Forthcoming?

The question is, will they make their 'move' while Biden is still in office, or risk making a “move” if Trump is president.


Aggressive Action Forthcoming?

By Pete Ketcham

It is evident that China and Russia are the greatest potential military threat to our nation. They have maintained and increased their military capabilities while the US under the Biden administration is turning our military into a woke organization, more concerned with DEI than military capability.

China and Russia know what our military has become and also know how badly Biden is managing national security. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan aptly demonstrated to the world how incompetent Biden’s appointed Secretary Of Defense and Joint Chief Of Staff were. They also see that Biden’s loyalty to allies depends on what is political advantageous to him.

Thus China and Russia with this knowledge are no doubt deciding what their near term action is going to be based on the upcoming presidential election that could remove Biden from office. The question is, will they make their “moves” (China invading Taiwan, Russia using nuclear weapons against Ukraine) while Biden is still in office, or risk making a “move” if Trump is president.


The nation is now under control of the most corrupt and incompetent president in it’s history, and China & Russia are well aware of this. Although the US still remains the greatest deterrent to Russia & China’s aggressive plans, they may believe it is to their advantage to make their “move” prior to the presidential election.


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