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Winning Is Not An Option

Other destructive policies, laws, and mandates have been put into force by the Democrats


Winning Is Not An Option
It Is A Necessity

By Pete Ketcham

From the present day perspective, it appears that if the Democrats win four more years (after this last term) of controlling the presidency and congress, our nation may be beyond saving as it heads for destruction. Every national election is important, but the forthcoming 2024 election could be the most critical in our entire national history.

The policies, laws, and institutions put into force by the Democrats are so destructive to the constitutional governance of our nation, that it looks doubtful that our nation could survive four more years of them.

Of all the destructive policies the Biden administration has put in place, the open border invasion is the worst. Millions of illegal aliens with embedded terrorists and drug dealers have entered the nation, and if the Democrats win in 2024 almost 15 million more will have entered in the coming four years. The cities, states, and federal government are currently using taxpayer money to provide housing, food, medical care, transportation, education, and other services to these millions of illegal aliens. This support is completely unsustainable long term, and will eventually have to cease. At that point nation wide crime could break out as these millions of illegal aliens who don’t speak english, have no skills, no jobs, no income, will resort to robbery and crime in order to survive.

Other destructive policies, laws, and mandates put into force by the Democrats include the morally perverted LGBTQ agenda, fraudulent climate change, defund law enforcement, and the illogical DEI and woke policies that have taken over our industries, education system, and military, but the southern border invasion is the most destructive.


If there is a chance to prevent the collapse of our nation, it will require the elimination of the Democrat party’s control of power, and that elimination must start at winning the 2024 presidential & congressional elections. This situation has become so critical, it even makes one wonder if the nation can survive the continuing border invasion and other destructive Democrat policies that will take place in the remaining months of the Biden administration.

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