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The Roadblock To Stopping The Descent

You can’t Make America Good Again with a degenerate education system.


The Roadblock To Stopping The Descent

By Pete Ketcham

A overriding question of the conservative God-fearing community is….  Is it possible to stop the nation’s accelerating descent into complete depravity and chaos? This is a difficult question to answer, as we are sailing in uncharted waters we have never been in before.

Although there may be some things that could be possible to do to slow down this plunge, it remains evident that there is no chance whatsoever of turning this nation around as long as the present education system remains in place. It has become a roadblock preventing the nation returning to it’s founding moral principles.

Academia (including the teacher’s unions) from K-12 to university graduate school is determining the present and future course of this nation. Their agenda of teaching DEI, LGBTQ concepts, racism, and many other destructive subjects has now replaced any goal of academic achievement. The entire education system has been turned into a propaganda institution promoting gross immorality, illogical thinking, and a disbelief in God.

If it is possible to bring this nation back to it’s original bases of morality and common sense, this current education system will need to be completely dismantled and rebuilt anew. All the conservative efforts that are currently being tried to turn the nation around will not be successful as long as this current education system remains in place as a roadblock to that effort.


The discouraging fact and reality about this situation is that there is no current viable program or movement by the conservative community to dismantle and replace this depraved education system. There are some efforts at the local school level to modify existing liberal curriculums, but the liberal administrators, school board members, and teachers for the most part still remain in charge. There is absolutely no effective effort at the university level, and the universities depraved curriculums continue to get worse each passing year.

And lastly, no politician, including Donald Trump, has any effective plan or agenda to dismantle this current education system, and they fail to realize you can’t “Make America Great Again” unless you Make America Good Again, and you can’t Make America Good Again as long as this degenerate education system is blocking the way.