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Rhetoric vs Reality

White House briefings are as far from reality as fact is from fiction


Rhetoric vs Reality

By Pete Ketcham

The rhetoric that comes out of the White House briefings is as far from reality as fact is from fiction.

Karine Jean-Pierre the White House Press Secretary has been accused of being the worst press secretary ever, but in reality she is one of the best ever in her ability to present rhetoric as fact, which is defined as follows; “ Language with a persuasive or impressive effect, but lacking sincerity or meaningful content” . One might say that through her ability the Biden administration has been able to present to the American public total fiction as fact.

She is not the only one in the administration tasked with intentionally misleading the public. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is the biggest deceiver by his testimony before congress stating “the border is secure”. Even though he is now undergoing impeachment proceedings for his deception, he has only been following instructions of the corrupt cabal that controls the puppet president.

Embedded within this White House rhetoric is the tactic of blaming the Republicans when the blatant mistakes of the Biden administration can no longer be hidden from public exposure. Case in point is the Biden policy border crises which can no longer be hidden from the general public. Karine Jean-Pierre is now saying it is occurring because the Republicans will not pass legislation that will help close the border. This has now gone past the point of rhetoric to blatant lying.

Another devastating facet of White House misinformation is that the mainstream news media accepts every statement originating from the White house as complete fact, and propagates it into the public arena as complete fact.

Even though there has been a major effort by the conservative news media and others to counter this tremendous onslaught of misinformation rhetoric coming out of the White House, it appears the majority of the American public is being misled by this rhetoric.


Although the foregoing comments pertain to the White House, the same rhetoric “tactics” are used by every Democrat mayor, councilperson, DA, official, etc to successfully deceive the general public. Only when the reality of the Democrat rhetoric brings the resulting catastrophic results, will the general public realize they have been deceived.

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  1. I ve noticed more restaurants in red state Sandpoint, Idaho
    are displaying the sodomite flag, which glorifies and
    celebrates vice, while Christian virtues are being crushed by the
    Marxist Democrats. The diversity and inclusion of vice is the
    great commandant of the Marxist Democrats.

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