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Forensic Audit of WBCSD

How can we support another levy until we know that our tax dollars are being used honestly and responsibly?

Forensic Audit of WBCSD

If you haven’t been to the WBCSD meetings lately, you’re missing the truth about the Forensic Audit. Phase 1 results show our financials are a mess!

There are lots of undocumented and improperly documented expenditures. There are cancelled checks completely missing from the district’s accounting records. How does this happen?

Check out Section VII.A. of the 12/18 school board agenda and click on “West Bonner Phase 1 Update Presentation” to see a list of checks that the auditor pointed out as being of concern.

Over a thousand checks (1,343) were found in Bank Statements (Cancelled checks provided), but no vendor names were listed in the general ledger. These checks amount to $8,305,032.95!

Sixty-one (61) checks were found in Bank Statements (Cancelled checks not provided) where vendor names were not listed in the general ledger, for a total of $352,498.53.

One check was found in Bank Statements (Cancelled check provided), but the vendor name was listed differently in the general ledger, total of $19,640. With an Accounting background, I can tell you that this was almost definitely not done by accident. This is incredibly suspicious!

Thankfully, the school board voted to continue with Phase 2 of the Audit, per the Auditor’s strong recommendation to do so.

You wouldn’t know any of this if you relied on the newspaper to report it. This isn’t just a few typos. These are serious issues!

I know our district has several needs, but how can we support another levy to pay for them until we know with 100% certainty that our tax dollars are being used honestly and responsibly?

Kristen Dodd
Priest River

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2 Comments on Forensic Audit of WBCSD

  1. So lets see. Monies “lost” during the bank transition for over 36 months and no body knew it until a forensic accounting was done and would have never been found without the audit that so many people were opposed too.. yet, various board members “remembered” the accounts after the fact?

    And we’re talking some very, very serious amounts of monies. This isn’t a simple “rounding” error.

    So, that means there were absolutely ZERO capitol controls on the monies, Zero oversight, zero attention to any of it.

    (remember when a certain currently sitting board member took the school district off “standard Idaho educational accounting practices” because of “reasons” about five years back? -Pepperidgefarms remembers)

    So, at best this is gross incompetence, at worst, nefarious money handling.

    Either one of those two scenarios should be immediate ground for recalls and further investigations.

  2. t has not been followed up on and found to be errors from closing out Wells Fargo and moving our accounts to Umpqua. Please read the Beacon January 30, 2024 addition for the truth! Stop spreading untruth!

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