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Dimitry Borisov Launches Campaign, Bonner County Commissioner

"I intend to be a voice for the rights of the people who pay the commissioners' salary,”


Dimitry Borisov Launches Campaign

For District 3 Bonner County Commissioner


By Jay White

Dmitry Borisov, a 45-year-old resident of Clark Fork, Idaho, has announced his intention to run for the county commissioner’s District 3 position. Borisov stated that his view of the current commission is similar to that of many residents who attend the meetings but seasoned with the experience he brings from living in the Communist Soviet Union. Borisov emigrated from Siberia 24 years ago and has vivid recollections of his life under communism.

“Watching elected officials hijack the public process of government is a horrifying event,” said Borisov. “I am running with the intention of restoring collaboration, civility, and respect to this office. Political leaders should understand the purpose of people-driven government. Shutting down public comment and literally expelling old political rivals with the thinnest margin of reason is reminiscent of the darkest times in history. It can’t be tolerated for even a short season. I intend to be a voice for the rights of the people who pay the commissioners’ salary,” said Borisov.

There are issues that will take time to sort out, such as the Bonner County Fairgrounds audit system and ongoing public participation discussion, but the business of the commissioners must not be mired down in a theatrical production of what amounts to grandstanding and bully tactics. Borisov asserts that his immigration to America and subsequent citizenship show the depth of his conviction to see the American political process flourish as designed.

“Without the legal process and the will to act in accordance with the constitution and local laws, we’re no better than a gang of loudmouth bullies wearing suits.”

“My platform of ‘Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency’ is not the mantra of the political new guy; it is the only platform to defend and the only platform to strive for,” said Borisov.

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