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Comrade Luke Omodt Escalates the Tyranny

How many more ways can this man stomp on the rights of the people?

Comrade Luke Omodt Escalates the Tyranny

Comrade Luke Omodt Escalates the Tyranny

by Shari Dovale

February 6, 2024 showed more of the same oppression that Bonner County residents have been under since Comrade Omodt took control of the County Board of Commissioners.

The business meeting that morning had Omodt begin by wasting the county’s time by removing a constituent from the premises.

Dave Bowman had been in the room for well over an hour when Comrade Omodt saw him and immediately went into despot-mode. The 2 CommissionMEN, including the Swearing Pastor Bradshaw, seemed to have this previously arranged as they were in lock-step for these procedures.

Omodt stepped down from the chair to have Bowman immediately trespassed under citizens arrest, as the Sandpoint PD have already stated they will not do so under current circumstances.

Commissioner Asia Williams attempted to challenge the way Comrade Luke was running the procedures, as he seems to have trouble following the law.

Because she challenged him, and attempted to defend her constituent, Omodt put another rule into place. Where the law states that questions from the board are permissible, Comrade Omodt has decided that no one, not even an elected official, will be allowed to talk without his express permission.

Omodt went to an immediate vote to attempt to bypass her comments. The 2 CommissionMEN, including the Swearing Pastor Bradshaw, know that they never need her to pass their agenda. However, they erred in completely bypassing her and not even bothering to call for her vote.

It is curious that they have gotten so comfortable in their tyranny that this bypass seemed perfectly acceptable to them.

Though they tried to change history by adding comments from the absent clerk to the minutes, they cannot get past the video record.

This brings up another interesting point. The Zoom disclaimer is very clear in that it is “not intended as a substitute for in person, or written participation in the proceedings of county business.”

However, the official clerk for the proceedings was not present in this meeting and was supposedly taking notes and calling for votes, via zoom. Based on Comrade Omodt’s own rules for Zoom, this should INVALIDATE the entire meeting.

Comrade Luke OmodtOr is this just another “Rules for Thee but Not for Me” case, of which he is so fond.

The Comrade Chair then went on to inform everyone that he has implemented Even More rules. He will now require everyone to fill out a form before each meeting which will include demographic information before he will allow them to speak.

The forms are even stricter for the people wanting to speak through Zoom, as they must fill it out through “Google” who are known for their Data Mining. This means that Bonner County, Idaho is not only aiding Google in data mining the citizens, they are exploiting that option for themselves. If anyone wants to speak at a business meeting, they will have to comply with this breach of their personal information.

Why does the county want to harvest this personal information? Do they intend to sell it to nefarious third parties? How will the people even know? The county, and Comrade Omodt, have not even tried to give reassurances that the personal, private information that he intends to collect will be safe.

The forms must be complete prior to the meeting start time, therefore, if an issue comes up during the meeting that concerns the public, they will not be allowed to weigh in on it that week.

Whew, how many more ways can this man stomp on the rights of the people? Maybe he is just going for his own ‘Tucker Interview’?



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