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Commie Media Support Luke Omodt & Steve Bradshaw

Calling for is all good citizens of Bonner County stand up to the tyranny before you and say “NO!”

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Commie Media Support Luke Omodt & Steve Bradshaw

By Spencer Hutchings

As a person who believes all citizens should stand for what is right and fight back against all forms of tyranny and oppression our county is just . . . well it’s disappointing. A few short years ago Bonner County was touted as one of the most conservative counties in the nation. Now we have multiple fake “Republicans” representing us . . . and most of our counties citizens have no clue.

Have we become cowards? I’m not sure, but I know very few people seem to have the courage to stand up for what is right these days. A better question may be, “How many cowards are working in our county government?” When it comes to elected officials . . . I’d say all them . . . save two, Commissioner Williams and Sheriff Wheeler. Commissioner Williams and Sheriff Wheeler have bore the brunt of public attacks and back stabbing from the other elected officials currently lead by Luke Omodt and his puppet Steve Bradshaw.

Have you noticed our local commie newspapers are both supporting Luke Omodt & Steve Bradshaw with favorable reporting and puff piece news articles? Even the Spokane commie media is supporting these two. Why would commie propaganda media outlets support a “Republican”? Shouldn’t that tell you something?

Did you notice one of the few actual conservative news outlets we have is supporting Commissioner Williams and Sheriff Wheeler? Did you notice that?

If you don’t understand anything else, just let that sink in.

Conservative media is supporting Commissioner Williams and Sheriff Wheeler. Understanding this one thing will help you pick out who the good guys and the bad guys in our county are.

It is the duty of every citizen to stand for what is right. I know, I get it, there is not a whole lot of standing for anything going on these days. But our elected officials and the employees of the county, you know, our public servants must stand for what is right. We pay these people to look after our tax dollars and make sure the citizens of the county get the services we have voted for with our tax dollars. We DO NOT pay them to turn a blind eye.

But they do turn a blind eye . . . actually it’s much worse.

I think the term Public Servant needs to be used more often. Public Service. These people are employees of the citizens, not our lords. The citizens of the county seem to have forgotten these Public Servants work for us, not the other way around. But I can see the misunderstanding, I get it. When you see Luke Omodt barking orders to our Bonner County Public Servants, and I’ll pick on the county IT people. How many times has Luke Omodt cut off someone on Zoom or ordered a mic turned off? I lost count, but it’s a lot. Did IT cut off the citizen? Of course they did. The Bonner County IT Public Servants have forgotten they work for the citizens of the county. How many times has Luke Omodt ordered the clerk to take a role call vote when the public or Commissioner Williams was still trying to talk? Did the clerk remind Tyrant Omodt people were still speaking? Or even do a bit of civil disobedience by ignoring him and letting people finish talking? Nope. These are actions of a tyrant, a ruler, not a public servant and willing minions. We deserve better. Our Republic was not built by tyrants and willing minions. Our Republic, the freedom you enjoy every day of your life was built by men who stood their ground against tyrants and their minions. Do you even deserve it?

This is all the more troubling since most of our public servants have far better pay, retirement and medical benefits than the average citizen paying taxes for these “public servants”. We pay them well. They have great benefits . . . why can’t they stand up for the citizens of this county who are paying the taxes that allow them to have a good life? Is that too much to ask? Elected officials and employees of the Bonner County government should be standing up for us. We pay them to work for us, not tyrant Luke Omodt.

What seems to be happening instead is our fellow citizens in county government are greasing the skids for the likes of Luke Omodt to trample on the rights of the citizens of this county. Those of you in county government allowing this to happen should be ashamed of yourselves. That goes 10x for the elected officials staying silent while tyrant Luke Omodt tramples on the rights of citizens in every way possible to silence them.

And for the sake of clarification, my permission slip to speak is the US Constitution, not the whim of a tyrant. Any law or requirement in contrary to our God given rights enshrined in the US Constitution to redress grievances or exercise free speech is repugnant and the duty of all citizens to reject and fight. This right includes all speech, even more so the speech a petty tyrant in our government may not like.

I’ll take it one step further. Any group or person violating our God given rights, rights that have been paid for with the blood of countless Patriots, is a traitor. A traitor to our constitution and a certainly a traitor to our Lord who granted us these rights as free men.

Luke Omodt must silence the public to stop the discussion of the missing fair board money. Luke Omodt must stop public discussion to end our effort to find the truth about Darcy Smith and the Fair Board finances. Luke Omodt must stop anyone speaking for a audit the Fair Board finances. Luke Omodt must silence the public so the unchecked growth in our county that lines the pockets of developers and hurts long term residents can continue. Luke Omodt and his minions are not public servants to the citizens of this county.

Luke Omodt claims to care about taxpayers and how are taxes are spent. It’s a lie. When Luke Omodt says he cares about the citizens of the county, he means cares that they don’t find out he is a fraud. Do you think he cared when he exposed our county to a huge lawsuit? Luke Omodt chose to purposely interpret the firm, but harmless words of warning from a citizen, as threats of physical violence. Any average person reading Dave Bowman’s letter would understand Dave was referring to legal action. But Luke Omodt’s inner cry baby liberal came out and he interpreted Dave’s words in the way he himself would have meant them, that is Luke Omodt projected his own feelings on to Dave’s words and twisted them only the way only a crazy person would, as a threat of killing people. Hmm . . . Dave infers a lawsuit, Luke Omodt goes straight to killing people in his warped mind. This is the justification Luke Omodt used to trespass David Bowman. Luke made quite the theater of it. Claiming the safety of county employees was at stake. The only thing at stake was Luke might have to listen to Dave Bowman tell him he’s still not doing his job. After all it’s the duty in Idaho code for the commissioners to audit the county fair. How long has it been since an audit was done?

As a citizen of Bonner county I do not agree with my tax dollars being used to defend the illegal actions of any county employee. Luke Omodt has exposed the tax paying citizens of this county to a huge lawsuit by performing an illegal citizens arrest TWICE.

And just so no one lies about what I am saying, I am not calling for violence. What I am calling for is all good citizens of Bonner County stand up to the tyranny before you and say “NO!” loud and clear. Do not back down.

Demand Luke Omodt resign.
Demand an accounting of all Fair Board finances for the last 10 years.
Demand the public is allowed to speak, ask questions and get answers from county officials.



3 Comments on Commie Media Support Luke Omodt & Steve Bradshaw

  1. It is of eminate importance that a recall of Omodt and Bradshaw be conducted ASA before they completely destroy any semblance of Republican form of governance that is enshrined in both Our U.S. and state Constitutions.
    Bradshaw is alledgedly considering moving back to the Lone Star State in the spring and should go in disgrace and Omodt should be ridden out of town on a rail and forbidden to ever return to Bonner Count after his term in the crossbar hotel lockup.

  2. When we moved here in 2018 we often heard from long-time residents, “Bonner County is the most corrupt county in Idaho.” They might be correct.

    Whether due to corruption or incompetence, the county is clearly dysfunctional at many levels. Just keep sending in your tax dollars and don’t expect much in return.

    As they say in North Idaho, “Go along to get along”…similar to “**** ****”.

  3. That was no “press conference” on January 30. It was staged. Based on a document request, Omodt specifically called a select few supporters: the Bee, the Reader, and somehow Thomas and Darla Fletcher showed up who are not associated with any press, but fed Omodt questions.

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