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Chain Of Circumstances

Thus the chain of circumstances indicates that there is no solution to the growing crime wave.


Chain Of Circumstances

By Pete Ketcham

For most people it would be logical to review the chain of circumstances of a disastrous result to fully understand what brought on the disaster, especially if there is a desire to correct said disaster, or prevent it from reoccurring.

This type of logic seems to be totally lacking by large city Democrat mayors and councilpersons in their attempts to solve the social problems overtaking their cities. One major example of this is the attempts to solve the homeless crisis. They feel that the primary solution is to provide housing, but if one looks at the chain of circumstances that brought on this crisis, one would realize it was not a lack of housing.

It has been estimated by various surveys that 60% to 90% of the homeless are drug addicted. What ever the true percentage is, it would seem evident that if drugs were no longer available to the homeless, it would be a major step in solving the homeless problem.

The chain of circumstances of the homeless drug crises begins in China, who manufacture the basic ingredients for opioid fentanyl (and other drugs). They then sell it to the Mexican cartels who manufacture the finished pills and smuggle it across the southern open “Biden” boarder to American drug dealers, who sell it cheaply to the homeless. Thus the chain of circumstances indicates that unless the Mexican cartels are neutralized, or the boarder is closed the homeless problem cannot be solved, and will grow worse.

Another example of the chain of circumstances is the dramatic increase in crime in the democrat controlled cities. It begins with the mayors and city councils defunding & demonizing the police department, removing immunity from the individual policemen, and electing DA’s and judges that do not prosecute crime. The criminal goes through arrest, booking, preliminary court hearing and is back on the street within hours.

This process of going through the justice system with no punishment for crime, encourages others to engage in crime, and crime continues to increase.

Thus the chain of circumstances indicates that unless the Democrat mayors, city councils, and DA’s are replaced with conservative Republicans, there is no solution to the growing crime wave.


What this all means is that the Democrats are attempting to solve major problems by the end results, rather than acknowledging the chain of circumstances that must be dealt with before any permanent resolution can be achieved.

The overall solution to these two issues, and others, is to vote the Democrats out of office, but the citizens of these major cities, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and others just complain and keep voting the Democrats back in.

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