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Omodt’s Smirk Doesn’t Work Here

He applies Liberal tactics and projects his failures onto others,

Omodt’s Smirk Doesn’t Work Here

Omodt’s Smirk Doesn’t Work Here

by Shari Dovale

Faux-Commissioner Luke Omodt continues to embarrass himself during the business meetings in Bonner County. He spends more time making a spectacle of himself and shows no remorse for his antics. On the contrary, he applies Liberal tactics and projects his failures onto others, usually Commissioner Williams.

However, his intolerant democrat leanings have taken over the business meetings in this conservative county, along with his cohort, Steve Bradshaw. (This could also explain why Bradshaw had such a dismal showing during the governor’s race in 2022.)

Admittedly, Omodt had a very trying week, as he had to deal with the quarterly meeting for the Idaho Association of Counties (IAC) District 1. Believing that this would be a breeze for him, he was blind-sided by numerous constituents ready to speak and complain about his representation on that board.

Excerpts from public comment (verbal and written):

The citizens are called derogatory names, yelled at, swore at, and threatened with repercussions, from physical eviction of the county premises to legal action, if they challenge these behaviors.

The Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, Luke Omodt, has made it clear that the public is not welcome in his meetings. He has stopped public comment, not only in the business meetings, but also in special meetings and even in workshops that are designed for interaction with the public.

Though he has no issue with his crony commissioner, the Swearing Pastor Bradshaw, yelling and cussing at the people on a regular basis, Luke Omodt is compiling a list of words that he will not tolerate the public using during these times.

He has also made clear that he intends to “Supervise” another elected official and has all of her correspondence sent to him for his perusal and action.

He has changed the meeting rules numerous times in an attempt to silence not only the People, but also Commissioner Williams, who has tirelessly been a voice FOR the People.

It is more often than not that Omodt and Bradshaw simply will not second any motion brought forth by Williams, thereby eliminating debate. If she puts it forth it is nearly always an automatic “no.”

It is an overused tactic that when Commissioner Williams or a member of the public speaks truth that Omodt does not like, he gavels a recess. Sometimes it is 5 minutes, often an hour, even two. Presumably his goal is to wear us down so that we don’t return.

There are currently 3 open meeting violation allegations filed against Commissioner Omodt, which the Bonner County prosecutor is handing over to a special prosecutor. Omodt responded to the first that he doesn’t think he’s violated anything – in not so many words implying that he is somehow above the law.

In the last business meeting he moved to remove commissioner reports from all future agendas.

Omodt was so upset that there were numerous people reporting his storming out of the meeting as soon as he was able.

Omodt admitted how upset he was during the business meeting on January 16th, when he said he wrote new rules for the commissioners.

He began by writing a rule (number 11) that is intended to force a Commissioner to side with him if they (for any reason) do not offer a vote. This rule also included a statement that no one would be allowed to “filibuster”.

‘Filibuster’ is how Luke chooses to describe ‘discussion’. He refuses to deliberate any issue with anyone, as he believes he is always correct and needs no further debate when he makes up his mind. His crony, the Swearing Pastor Bradshaw just goes along with him, as he is acting like the Lame Duck that he has chosen to become.

His next new rule, number 12, was aimed at the public and attempted to stop more comments by requiring everyone to sign up prior to the meeting, including anyone watching via Zoom. They were to use specially prepared forms of which would be a known hardship for the people.

Omodt made a tactical error in this rule, as he forgot to write it up on the forms he has begun to require of Commissioner Williams. Admitting that he wrote this in haste after coming back from the very contentious IAC meeting and the negative public comments that were allowed about him, he removed that item from the agenda. This does not mean that he will not bring it back at a future date. It does, however, mean that he was in retaliation mode when he wrote his new rule against the public.

The final straw for Luke seemed to have been when he was trying to escape the IAC meeting. He rushed into the hallway and came near a constituent, by chance it was Commissioner Williams spouse, that calmly informed him that Commissioner Williams was around the corner with the Kootenai County Sheriff.

Luke has decided that he was terribly afraid of the man standing there with his hands in his pockets, and was apparently unable to ask Sheriff Norris to defend him. Omodt, who takes pleasure in repeating what he believes are his bona fides in the US Army, responded by asking Louis Marshall to protect him:


I am seeking counsel about Mr. Williams attempting to intimidate me in the hallway of the Kootenai County administration building. How do I proceed? I am concerned for my safety, reputation, and ability to fulfill my statutory duties.

It would seem that this bully that tries to bluster his way past women cannot handle himself in a hallway with a man standing calmly with his hands in his pockets. I guess the smirk doesn’t work here.

As with most Liberals, they project their actions onto their enemies. In this case, Omodt has bullied his way through every meeting for months, disrespected the only woman on the Board, as well as other women in the building, yet cannot hold his own in a conversation with a man. He cannot bully a gentleman, therefore he runs for cover and begs someone else to shield him.

I hypothesize that we will see him take his revenge, again, and it will likely come very soon. He will continue to bully the people and their representative, and demand that he get his way.



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  1. Yes Rule #12 is back on next week’s agenda. Why will the public be treated differently whether in person or on Zoom? I predict, sooner or later, everyone will have to submit a form to speak, and describe what they are going to say. The next step will be the submission of written comments only. No, he’s not taking away you free speech, just infringing on it whenever he can. Does that describe a dictator? What a sissy, weak, low-T male.

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