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More Distractions in Bonner County: ICCO

Who Cares?  Why is this even a topic?

More Distractions in Bonner County: ICCO

More Distractions in Bonner County: ICCO

by Shari Dovale

It would seem that the Left’s agenda is not yet fully realized as they are continuing with the mundane diatribe of the Individual County Constitutional Officer (ICCO).

I am told that a member of the Republican Central Committee (BCRCC) recently sent out a document to the fellow members that he composed from the rhetoric of a local ‘Petty Rant & Rave’ group.

This document is all about what he wants people to believe the ICCO is about. It has little, if anything, to do with truth yet he spent time attempting to discredit good people through this rancor.

See document here.

It is interesting that the local GOP has allowed this bitterness against members of their own group and elected officials they should be supporting. It brings many questions to the forefront as to why they would tolerate it. It seems to be that there are many more important issues happening that do not need these distractions.

In actual fact, though this person seems to think that Sheriff Wheeler is the initiator of this group, it was actually Cheryl Piehl, former Bonner County Treasurer, that began the group, as is evidenced by an email obtained by Redoubt News.

It is heartening that we see members of the public not taken in by the disinformation the document seems to be spewing. There is another email that I have seen, which was sent to the Chairman of the BCRCC, which questions everything about the said document.


This email seems to lay out the facts clearly and asks the Chairman to respond to the committee.

We have chosen to redact select information from these emails as we believe there is enough dissension within the community. There is no need to further this bitterness.

The point is…  Who Cares?  Why is this even a topic? What is the point of dragging people through the mud because they were discussing better ways of accomplishing their jobs? This subject should be closed and everyone should move on to what is truly important to the people of Bonner County.