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Emperor Omodt has New Rules

Luke Omodt is the Comrade-in-Chief

Emperor Omodt has New Rules

by Shari Dovale

Luke Omodt is one of my most faithful readers. He does not miss an article, and is quick to get notifications on each one published. They all make him angry, yet, since he continues to put himself through this anger, he must really enjoy it. We do know that he uses them to feed his arrogance.

It is a form of amusement for many, however, to know that I am living in his head rent-free.

My latest venture into Luke-think can be read here: Omodt’s Smirk Doesn’t Work Here

As was expected, Luke went off the deep end…again. He has demanded another Executive Session to discuss my latest article, and has commanded someone from the Legal Department attend him during this meeting, calling it “required.”

Luke is blowing smoke, as usual, by commanding the Prosecutor’s office do his bidding. He does not want them there to give him legal advice, as he generally ignores their recommendations. He wants them to accept and advocate his own decisions, thereby allowing him to place all responsibility for his actions onto them.

When that doesn’t work, he goes ahead and does what he wants anyway, as he seems to think it is his due to Rule the county.

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As we discussed previously, Emperor Luke has demanded that new rules he has written be enforced for his meetings. These rules are arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable. They include:

Emperor Omodt has New Rules

Last week Luke forced through the first of the new retaliation rules here:

This rule was voted in by the 2 CommissionMEN to stop the lady commissioner from speaking her mind. Luke would like to call her discussion ‘filibustering’ though the people know the truth.

After admitting that he did not have the new required paperwork for his next rule, Luke pulled it and rescheduled it for this week.

What if a question arises during the meeting? The people will, AGAIN, be shut out.

This is just the next infringement on the people’s rights. Luke is slowly chipping away at Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and of all else that defines our Republic.

How long before he requires all public comment statements to be submitted to him for approval before they can be spoken? Not much longer, I am sure.

Someone asked me recently about Omodt, and how he seems very thin-skinned for being a politician. I responded that he is not a politician, he is a tyrant.

If our rights are allowed to be infringed further, we will be able to call Bonner County a Communist-ruled province with Luke Omodt the Comrade-in-Chief.


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