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Comrade Omodt’s ‘Rules for Thee but Not for Me”

Comrade Omodt likes to IGNORE Records Requests put to him

Comrade Omodt’s ‘Rules for Thee but Not for Me”

by Shari Dovale

We have seen, repeatedly, that Comrade Luke Omodt never misses a chance to ridicule Commissioner Asia Williams. He consistently casts aspersions on her.

He obviously hopes that the community will accept his words for truth and not what they truly are: distractions of what he is doing.

The latest act of foolishness comes from the business meeting on January 16th. As they were coming out of executive session, they had a short stint to vote on what they discussed.

This session was not recorded on video, regardless of the rules that require all of these public meetings be shown via Zoom and YouTube. It was, however, audio recorded.

Comrade Omodt made the statement that he intended to put in a written request for any information that Commissioner Williams pulled up on her phone while they were sitting there.

What Comrade Omodt would like to hide from the world is that he prefers to IGNORE Records Requests put to him. He seems to be of the assumption that everyone needs to jump when he tells them, yet he is not bound by the same rules.

I submitted a written records request on September 12, 2023. This request went through Clerk Mike Rosedale and his PRR assistant Veronica Dixon, but was directed at Luke Omodt.

This request was ignored from the outset.

Rosdale and Dixon were reminded of this request repeatedly over the next several months, and made attempts to get Omodt to comply. He continued to refuse to comply.

At this writing, it has been over 4 months with no response from Luke Omodt. Dixon stated 10 days ago that she was attempting to bypass him and go through the Technology department to get the required information. That has not happened yet.

Is this what the people want our county to become? Omodt’s personal fiefdom, where he is the only one allowed to speak, make demands with expectations of instant compliance, and forego the real business of the county in favor of his personal agenda?


After his bafoonery over the phone texts, he had to make another faux pas towards Commissioner Williams, and backed away when she showed him her phone. He sounded like a whiny little kid when he acted afraid and said that he didn’t “want to be accused of assault.”

Some believed that this is was in retaliation over his petulant email being exposed. This email was to Louis Marshall to protect him from Commissioner Williams husband standing in the hallway last week. See article here.

The final straw for Luke seemed to have been when he was trying to escape the IAC meeting. He rushed into the hallway and came near a constituent, by chance it was Commissioner Williams spouse, that calmly informed him that Commissioner Williams was around the corner with the Kootenai County Sheriff.

Luke has decided that he was terribly afraid of the man standing there with his hands in his pockets, and was apparently unable to ask Sheriff Norris to defend him. Omodt, who takes pleasure in repeating what he believes are his bona fides in the US Army, responded by asking Louis Marshall to protect him:


I am seeking counsel about Mr. Williams attempting to intimidate me in the hallway of the Kootenai County administration building. How do I proceed? I am concerned for my safety, reputation, and ability to fulfill my statutory duties.

However, Comrade Omodt has many tools from the Democrat toolbox that he uses on a regular basis. One of those is sharing information from other proceedings, Out Of Context, and hoping no one bothers to fact-check him.

Either way, Mr. Omodt has again showed his ignorance and irrationality, proving again why he is not fit to hold office.


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