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CameraGate, part 2: Revenge of the CommissionMEN

It would appear that other electeds are beginning to see them as a hindrance

CameraGate, part 2: Revenge of the CommissionMEN

by Shari Dovale

Bonner County Commissioner Chairman, Luke Omodt, repeatedly exhibits his incompetence for his job, and has done so again this week.

After it was revealed that he and his crony, Steve Bradshaw, authorized the clandestine surveillance of Commissioner Asia Williams, Omodt went into panic mode. He immediately ordered an executive session, calling all electeds to attend.

Omodt made the claims that there was a security breach that Redoubt News exposed in this article: Bonner County CommissionMEN and CameraGATE The details give the impression that Luke is looking for any reason to ping on Commissioner Williams as his agenda seems to have always been to have her removed from office by any means necessary.

Commissioner Bradshaw has made multiple statements over the past year and a half that showed his agenda to be the same, however when he let his emotions get the better of him, he had to pass the gauntlet to Omodt to continue the hostilities.

It does make one question why the two men have been so invested in not allowing Commissioner Williams to do her job? It would suggest even more clandestine activity going on throughout the county building.

The executive session did not come to the conclusions for which Omodt hoped. Expecting all of the electeds to attend and defend his position, most chose not to have any part of this circus and avoided the confrontation call.

It would appear that other electeds are beginning to see him as a hindrance, as very little is getting done due to the hostile atmosphere he is projecting. He is spending far too much time on his nefarious agenda and the taxpayers are having to foot the bill.

Omodt cannot seem to see the forest for the trees, as he has continued on his wild ride to cut off the people of the county and blame Commissioner Williams for all the dissension.

Omodt has already made the public unwelcome, moving public comment to the tail end of each meeting as to not allow any discussion on items prior to their being voted on. It also seems to be much easier for him to shut down the entire meeting without compromising other departments requests, as had been done in the past.

This seems to confirm that it was all about locking out the public.

He then shut off public comment even after he moved it to the end of the agenda. This was in direct response to his not liking what the public had to say. The little boy decided that if everyone was not going to praise him, then he would take his ball and go home.

Even more so, Omodt has cut off comments during special meetings and workshops, which are designed to allow for public input.

As narcissist generally do, Omodt claims justification because the law does not specifically require him to allow it, therefore it will not be allowed. Though he is specifically mandated to represent the public, he seems to think that this does not mean including the public in any county business.

And The Beat Goes On

Luke is continuing his war on the public this week as there is one avenue of public information he has not yet shut down: The Commissioner District Reports.

These reports were implemented with Commissioner Williams and are invaluable to the people in the county. Williams is very thorough in her weekly updates and includes calendar events, and reports of what she has been doing, justifying her services the taxpayers are paying for.

Omodt resisted giving weekly reports, and when pressed he generally reads some very dry material and puts many to sleep. It is a wonder if this is how he taught students prior to this job?

Though Bradshaw has been asked for the past year to give similar reports, showing what he is actually doing for the county, he refuses. This makes many speculate if he is actually doing anything or has he just become a clock jockey?

Regardless of the two CommissionMEN refusing to contribute to the public’s enlightenment, Commissioner Williams regularly informs the public of a wealth of information.

Luke Omodt cannot seem to handle this. It could be that he cannot handle the overwhelming popularity that Commissioner Williams enjoys, that he does not share.

Or maybe it is just another thumbscrew that he feels he can twist to demonstrate his perceived power. Either way, Omodt has called for a complete end to all Commissioner Reports.

He does appear to be mocking the public with his proposal because he cites Ordinance 192:

1-200: PURPOSE (emphasis added):

This chapter is enacted for the purpose of establishing a regular meeting schedule for the Bonner County board of commissioners in order that board activities can be carried out with greater public participation and awareness. (Ord. 192, 4-9-1990)

Shutting off what could be the final vestige of public awareness, Omodt is actually claiming this will IMPROVE public participation and awareness.

It is notable, however, as he really does not seem to care how he comes across to the public. After all, I don’t think I have seen anyone work so tirelessly to reach the center of the bell curve.