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Who Needs Parents Anymore?

No longer is it about a school nurse tending to boo-boos or calling a parent to come pick up their child. 


Who Needs Parents Anymore?

By Karen Schumacher

Through the education system, parental roles and rights have been incrementally diminished.  Across America, parents are fighting to take that role back.  However, in typical fashion, the ne’er do wells continue to create avenues for control over children.

The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) just awarded United Way of Treasure Valley (UWTV) $6,486,447 to implement a “five-year Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS)” grant that will support “non-profits and other public or private organizations and institutions” to “expand community schools.”  In collaboration with “non-profits, health providers, private partners and other agencies” the intent is “to coordinate and deliver services like health care, mental health and nutrition services, after school and summer programming and high-quality early learning programs.”  The total “expected funding” will be $45,945,645 that will “serve” 20,000 Idaho students, about $2,300 per student.

What isn’t being disclosed is that this vaguely defined purpose to “deliver” health and mental health care is part of a larger program to continue undermining parental rights and authority.  This delivery service system, called School Based Health Centers (SBHC), has been ravaging America for several years.  And now, in the Treasure Valley, this United Nations (UN) partnered non-profit, UWTV, will have its hands on the kids.

schools Joe Biden: More Government Funded Public School IndoctrinationUnited Way was founded in 1887 by religious leaders.  Along the way it lost its foundation by joining in partnership with the UN in 1975.  United Way has since adopted the 17 sustainable development goals (SDG).  That is how embedded it is with the UN.

No longer is it about a school nurse tending to boo-boos or calling a parent to come pick up their child.  SBHC are intended to supplant the parental provider choice by providing a full scope of services, a literal health clinic in the school, that can include health checkups, labs, medication, counseling, vaccinations, ongoing care for chronic health conditions, dental and eye exams, and sexual reproductive services.  As a UN non-governmental organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics supports these clinics.  It also adds to the financial strain in Medicaid.

UWTV also collects data, not only on children, but also on that child’s family.  This information can also be shared with its partners that includes the government, hospitals, educational institutions. and corporations, some of which are Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry (IACI) and World Economic Forum (WEF) members

Although not yet in Idaho, the School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) is one such group aiming for children, complete with corporate and government partners, and data collection.  This organization might find an opportunity to expand its reach through UWTV.  There is one SBHC in Marsing.

More information on SBHC can be found here, and starting at the 5″ mark, this video provides more details on what these centers do with information about parental consent.  Stand for Health Freedom also has more information.

Health and education are very much a part of the UN SDG 3 and 4.  For the UN and WEF, health is attached to the success of the worker bee, and just like education, it means snatching a child’s health status as a critical component of  meeting its future workforce needs.

Oh yes, Idaho children can be directly connected to the UN and WEF.  What better parents can you ask for?

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