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Satanic Temple Declares Child Sacrifice a RITE

the Devil is in the details

Satanic Temple Declares Child Sacrifice a RITE

Satanic Temple Declares Child Sacrifice a RITE

by Shari Dovale

For whatever reasons they want to claim, The Satanic Temple (TST) began in 2013 to promote Satan worship and child sacrifice. They have succeeded and their followers, believers and other associated cultists have risen in number to include much of the rich and elite, like politicians and the Holly-weird.

As devotees to the Prince of Lies, they practice what he preaches. Their first lie is that they “venerate” but do not worship Satan.

From their website

To debunk this claim, one need only begin with the basic definition offered by Merriam-Webster online dictionary, (as well as multiple other dictionaries) which states:

Venerate comes from the Latin root venerārī, which has the various meanings of “to solicit the good will of,” “to worship,” “to pay homage to,” and “to hold in awe.”

Additionally, as we all know that words have meaning, ‘Venerate’ is a recognized synonym of the word ‘worship’.

We should include some of what they actually practice in this unmasking. A Satanic Temple member named Iris Fontana gave an invocation at a government meeting in Alaska in 2019. This speech included her worship of “Hail, Satan!” which triggered a walkout by many in attendance.

TST has convinced many to repeat this falsehood, including the far-left extremist rag “Cosmopolitan” who featured the Satanists on the cover of their Nov/Dec issue.

Within this foolish and misguided article, the radical fanatics claim that these cultists believe that Satan is more like a mascot than anything else. They also state that the activists are known for “guerrilla street theater” and “public mischief”. That sounds comparable to BLM holding “mostly peaceful protests” dontcha think?

Satanic Temple Declares Child Sacrifice a RITE

Yet, these ludicrous lefties are actually encouraging their readers to participate in these demented rituals. They downplay the evil as normal and natural. The Cosmo author shows the progressive bias against Christianity by stating they have “a real chance of breaking the religious right’s grip on abortion law. “Cosmo then goes on to explains how to hold a ceremony for your abortion. They tell you to first find a quiet space. They tell you several passages to recite before taking the chemicals to kill your baby, and finish with reciting “By my body, my blood; by my will, it is done.”

It is a religious ritual: honoring the evil ones.


Something else that the satan-worshipping lefties encourage is to use a collection cup to catch the fetal remains so you can bury them with dignity and respect.

Let’s stop here a moment and discuss how civilized societies bury their dead. Celebration of Life, respect for those that died, or preparation for the afterlife are a few of the reasons that humans are concerned with proper burials. Science will tell you of the disease that grows from decomposition. Every civilized society on earth has burial traditions for their dead, and no one wants to see them disrespected.

Therefore, if the satanists are preparing for burying the fetal remains of their baby-killing abortions, then they are absolutely acknowledging that this was a life. Regardless of the age of the baby, it is a life.

In 2015, The Satanic Temple began a series of lawsuits and political stunts designed to overturn abortion bans throughout the states. They are all nearly identical within their wording, so let’s take a look.

They claim to be protecting the rights of “Involuntarily Pregnant Women” (IPW) which has got to be the most ridiculous description I have heard in a month of Sundays. Did the woman consent to having sex? Did she know the risks of having sex? Did she know the risks of birth control failures? Did someone slip on a banana peel and just happen to fall into her?

According to WebMD, almost half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned. They also remind you that the only form of birth control that’s 100% effective is abstinence.

If these women are so in tuned with religious rituals and such, maybe they should look into the Christian doctrine of Waiting Until They Are Married!

Just Say NO!

In each case they use terms like “Unborn Child” and “Protected Unborn Child” claiming that they are only using these terms because of how the state laws are written. We challenge that claim.

They make every attempt to dehumanize the child by calling them ‘Zygotes’ and ‘Blastocysts’ but they fail miserably. Through their science-y talk they trivialize the pregnancies and insult the intelligence of women by stating that none of the IPW were aware of or consented to the creation of a zygote in her fallopian tubes at the time of fertilization. Well, DUH! I want to see any woman stand up and say that she had that particular conversation over the glass of wine prior to having sex.

On to more specific claims of these delusional nitwits.

Property Rights

Claiming that a uterus is a physical thing that has value in property rights, TST wants you to believe women should have the right to execute a baby because the mother might want to rent out her womb to have another baby, and make money from the next child.

Involuntary Servitude

They do acknowledge that these babies are entirely dependent on their mothers for all of their physical protection until birth, therefore, since the mother has no choice but to nourish the child then this puts her in a position to be called a slave.

Admitting to the life of the child in this statement reaffirms their belief that they these are very real human children.


Because the law has caved and allowed victims of rape and incest to have abortions, TST suggests that the law should carve out exceptions for them. Because they want it.

Religious Freedom

It has been said that The Satanic Temple came up with the idea for these “Abortion Rituals” as a way to skate around the law and allow for the killing of babies in favor of earthly pleasures.

That may be true for some, however, they have shown that they really do believe these to be children, therefore they are willingly practicing and advocating child sacrifice.

Moloch is a particularly evil ancient deity discussed in the Bible. in Leviticus 18:21, God names this evil and warns you against him. The worship of Moloch included the murder of infants as a pagan sacrifice. Followers of this practice have fallen to a level of depravity that shows no regard for any human life.

The Satanic Temple members can try this hooey that they only worship the idea of Satan, but the Devil is in the details. They built a Temple to Satan, and are practicing child sacrifice. What more do you need to know?

Satan wants the world to say they do not believe in him, as this gives him power and furthers his grab on humanity. If this idiocy continues down the Demonpath and they persist in sacrificing the children then he ramps up his belief that he can win the Spiritual War.

God protects children before and after they are born, and he will deal with the followers of Satan. This life is short, but afterlife is eternal.

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Psalm 31:23 “Love the Lord, all his faithful people! The Lord preserves those who are true to him, but the proud he pays back in full.”


6 Comments on Satanic Temple Declares Child Sacrifice a RITE

  1. In the old Biblical cities I wonder how “noticeable” it was to spot the temples that were sacrificing babies to Murdoch and Baal? Were the temples just in a particular part of the city that most people could ignore if they did not go that way? Even though God’s condemnation occurred on the whole of the people…how many of the people just were going about their business and not even paying attention to the baby killing.

    That situation would be about the same today. If a person does not go by or pay attention to Abortion Clinics (a.k.a. Satanic Temples)…how easy is it to just ignore their presence. However, God’s condemnation probably won’t excuse that ignorance just like he did not in the past.

  2. Once more our government lumbers toward creating another ‘right’ because like the citizens they, too, have lost their way.

  3. Human sacrifice has always been a Satanic rite. It should never become a right. It’s ritual murder, and murder is murder no matter how someone dresses it up.

    • So Jesus (a human) dying on the cross, that wasn’t a human sacrifice? That wasn’t satanic? Oh wait if the Christian’s do it, it’s okay, anyone else and it’s an act of the devil. Smh!! Christianity, satanism two sides of the same coin!!

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