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Corruption And Incompetence

The nation will collapse as a result of the Democrat illogical policies.


Corruption And Incompetence
(Destroying The Nation)

By Pete Ketcham

As one reviews the history of the United states, it becomes evident that there was never an administration as corrupt and incompetent as the Biden administration.

There was corruption and incompetence in past administrations such as those of Andrew Jackson, Ulysses Grant, Warren Hardy, Woodrow Wilson and others, but nothing close to what is now taking place with the Biden administration. It should be noted that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama started this chain of corruption and incompetence which has now spread throughout the federal agencies, and the entire the Biden administration.

One major example of this corruption and incompetence is the open invitation to the world (including terrorist) to illegally invade our southern boarder. This is a corrupt plan by the Democrats to create a Democrat voting block that will keep them in power indefinitely, but what it is actually creating is a future gigantic crime wave as millions of these illegal immigrants roam the streets without housing, food, or employment, with no other option but to rob and steal to survive. This is already beginning to take place in the large Democrat “Sanctuary” cites such as New York and Chicago. There are many other examples of Democrat corruption and incompetence that could be cited,(such as the “climate change” destruction of our fossil fuel production) but this boarder invasion is going to create a future major catastrophe that most citizens cannot envision at this time.


As we look to the future it does not look like there is much chance that the Democrats can be removed from power (by elections or impeachments) before the nation collapses as a result of their illogical policies.

Lastly, there are many conservatives in the Republican party who are confident that Trump will be elected as the next president in 2024, and will correct many Democrat policies. But the way the Democrats have “rigged” the last two major elections, it will be a long shot if he can make it through all the forthcoming litigation, trials, negative publicity, and election manipulation to win the presidency, but never-the-less, we must continue to pray that through the intervention of God this nation can be saved.