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Academia Determines Nation’s Future

The world of academia has now become “untouchable”. It’s agenda prevails


Academia Determines Nation’s Future

By Pete Ketcham

There is no conservative christian, or conservative political organization including the Republican party that has the national social/political influence the Democrat controlled national education system has, It is not even close.

For years academia, from K-12 to collage graduate school, has sent thousands of fully indoctrinated godless liberal graduates into the America culture. These graduates have ascended to major positions of influence, wealth, and political power. In essence, they now determine the course of the nation.

Academia is continuing to indoctrinate students (using false revised US history) to hate the United States and is promoting the agendas of CRT, LGBTQ, BLM, “Climate Change” condemnation of Christianity, and many other godless liberal concepts. And now, the latest surprising radical indoctrination is the hate of Israel and support of terrorism.

It seems evident there is no chance to avoid the impending disastrous collapse this nation is heading into as long as the godless liberal teachers, professors and administrators continue to control the national education system.

The world of academia has now become “untouchable”. It’s agenda prevails regardless of what political party is in control of the nation.


At this time the Republican party has no program, strategy, or major effective effort to stop or interfere with the current national education system agenda. They complain about it at times, but are far more interested in pursuing their conventional political agenda. Unfortunately though, the Republican party does not realize they will never achieve a permanent political/social victory as long as the current education system is in place. Academia dominates the social and political arenas, which determine the direction our nation goes.

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